Aavegotchi June Highlights
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Aavegotchi June Highlights


Alchemica is live on Base, 150K Gotchi Battler’s Tournament, new dapp features, Gotchiverse 3D leaks and some game-changing Spirit Force Arena updates!

GM Gotchigang! We’re well into the doldrums of summer, which means many of you are off touching grass/beach and probably not glued to your Aavegotchi Discord notifications (don’t forget to pet your Gotchis tho!).

No biggie, here’s a handy recap of everything Aavegotchi did in June to keep you in the loop while you sip on spicy margaritas.

Alchemica is Now Live on Base

This month's biggest news was the launch of Alchemica on Base! Transferring Alchemica (and GLTR!) from Polygon to Base (and Gotchichain, soon) is easy via our new chain abstraction tech, powered by Socket Protocol.

>> Click here to transfer your Alchemica to Base.


Additionally, this update allows players to use Spirit Force Arena’s new in-game shop to buy Potions and Protolicks to gain a slight advantage against opponents in a Duel.


Get Ready to Rumble Gotchi Battlers

Gotchi Battler Rarity Farming Season 8 arrived with a massive 150,000 GHST prize pool, bigger and better than ever!


This season promises intense competition and huge rewards, introducing 3 aavesome new features: double-elimination tournaments, the ability to have two substitutes per team, and a preparation phase between each round for strategic adjustments!

The stakes are high, the rewards are sweet, and the tournaments sure offer a chance to showcase a Gotchi’s unique traits and skills.

If you missed the first tournament, then don't miss out on the 40K GHST Tournament! Registration is now open from July 1st at 2PM (UTC) to July 8th at 2PM (UTC) with the tournament taking place from July 8th to July 15th.

Two Big Dapp Accessibility Updates

Thanks to our frens at ThirdWeb, we integrated the Coinbase Smart Wallet into the Dapp. Creating a smart wallet account has become easy as pie - without needing any extensions or apps - click on the sign-in button, choose Coinbase Wallet, and follow the instructions! That’s it!


And why not buy some GHST with ThirdWeb’s new “Buy Crypto” integration? Buying GHST directly through the dapp is now possible using a credit card. No more jumping through hoops or dealing with external exchanges.


New Features in Spirit Force Arena

Spirit Force Arena brought a series of Hotfixes throughout the month of June. One of the many updates was the implementation of a soft check on player wallets before entering a Duel to make sure that players have enough GHST. Additionally, a new “Match History” tab was added to the Player Profile to keep track of all duels!

Look back and revel in your wins in the new Match History tab.

Let’s talk shop… The in-game Shop also had a HUGE interface make-over, creating a more intuitive browsing and purchasing experience including new recipes for purchasing Potions and Protolicks that use all Alchemica types.

What if you're missing frens to Duel with? The new Discord integration is here to help! Discord now shows who is playing Spirit Force Arena in real-time.

Finally, an in-game bug reporting tool has been introduced, enabling players to report issues directly from the Post Game screen.

But that’s not all, there are too many to list… so why not jump into SFA and check them all out!

Breaking Ground in the Gotchiverse

Did you read? Coderdan dropped a sneak peek of the 3D Gotchiverse!


Keep an eye out on X as you never know who might just leak some extra shots... *wink, wink*

Party in the Metaverse

…And speaking of digital universes, this year Aavegotchi participated in Decentraland Game Expo (DCLGX) 2024. The Decentraland Game Expo is an annual event where attendees can explore interactive booths, live demos, and exclusive releases from top gaming and blockchain creators.

This year’s expo took place from June 26-29 in Decentraland, where we had our own booth, offering visitors the chance to learn more about our games and even an exclusive and seriously kawaii wearable for their Decentraland avatars!


It was a great opportunity for attendees to make new frens, dive deeper into the Aavegotchi universe, and experience the vibrant energy of the gaming and blockchain community.

That wraps up our June highlights, frens!

Don’t forget to join us on Discord to stay up to date with the latest news, sneak peeks, and to join in on the ebic discussions.

As always, we’d love to hear your thoughts, so feel free to share your feedback.

Until next time… Keep it aavesome, frens!

The Aavegotchi Team