META Madness: A New Season of Rarity Farming is Here!

META Madness: A New Season of Rarity Farming is Here!


After weeks of intense discussion and participation, AavegotchiDAO has once again voted to fund a new season of Rarity Farming – putting us at the magic eighth season! Here we go again frens – pull out your finest gear, polish those wearables, and get ready to earn!

As with previous seasons, this season of Rarity Farming takes place over an eight-week period that includes four, two-week rounds. At the end of each round, on-chain snapshots of the leaderboards are taken, and then prizes are awarded. These include $GHST as well as NFT badges and trophies.

The META (most efficient tactics available) has changed significantly this season, so read on for all the detailed information, including a special new rewards allocation to Gotchi Battler!

Rarity Farming FAQs

What is Rarity Farming?

Rarity Farming is a play-to-earn mechanic that offers players the chance to earn rewards by boosting rarity levels of their Aavegotchi NFTs. By equipping Aavegotchis with the rarest Wearable NFTs, petting them twice (not once) daily, and participating in XP-packed events, players are lining them up for some serious $GHST rewards.

Each element plays a crucial role in boosting your Aavegotchi's standing in the realm of Rarity Farming. So, gear up, show some love, and hit those events hard – your Aavegotchi and your wallet will thank you for it!

Show Me the Money!

This season, 1.5 million GHST (roughly $1.8 million USD at the time of writing) is up for grabs during the eight-week Rarity Farming period.

How to Participate?

To participate in Rarity Farming Season 8, you just need to own an Aavegotchi, or alternatively, you can borrow one from a player who is offering a split on $GHST earned during the borrowing period with Gotchi Lending.

AavegotchiDAO Funded

The most active gaming DAO in the world has once again stepped up to the plate. Not only did the proposal for Rarity Farming SZN 8 pass with ease, but player rewards will once again be fully funded by the AavegotchiDAO!

Payout Allocations

There have been no major changes to Rarity, Kinship, or XP systems since the preceding season. However, the DAO has decided that 10% of total rewards be allocated to support a Gotchi Battler tournament (a new Aavegotchi idle game) featuring teams of 5 Gotchis.

As such, this season, the 1.5M $GHST payout categories have been adjusted as follows:

  • Rarity (60%)
  • Kinship (20%)
  • XP (10%)
  • Gotchi Battler (10%)

Special congratulations to Gotchi Battler for receiving its first-ever official allocation towards Rarity Farming! If no CoreProp is passed, this allocation will increase to 20% starting in Season 9. 

As always, all participating Aavegotchis have the chance to win non-transferable badges and trophies designed by Xibot, the summoner and lead artist of Aavegotchi. These rare “Baadges” are deposited directly into your Aavegotchi to forever prove its unique history of success. Check out the aavesome NFT Baadges your Gotchi could be winning.

Four Ways to Win


Rarity is the main rewards pool, with 60% of player rewards allocated to this leaderboard. An Aavegotchi’s rarity score is determined based on a number of factors, including:

  • Randomly generated traits when the Aavegotchi is summoned
  • Points earned from equipping Wearables and Wearable sets
  • Changes to trait scores earned by leveling up
  • Changes to trait scores made possible by the aging mechanic

To climb this leaderboard, either purchase or summon the rarest Aavegotchi you can, then continue to boost their rarity using the right combination of Wearables and Wearable sets.

Special note: Orium Guild recently launched their new Wearable Rentals Market, which allows players to rent out wearables for a fee. These wearables can be equipped to increase your Aavegotchi's BRS. Try it here to get a leg up on the competition!


Climbing the Kinship ladder is less capital-intensive than Rarity. To increase your Aavegotchi’s kinship, simply pet it twice a day (once every 12 hours) or feed it kinship potions. Each time you pet your Aavegotchi, their kinship score will increase by one. It’s also important to note that for each 24-hour period that passes without petting your Aavegotchi, its kinship score will decrease by one. To climb this leaderboard, make sure you interact with your Gotchi Gang every 12 hours!


XP (Experience Points) is the final leaderboard, which allows anyone with an internet connection the ability to earn XP on their Aavegotchi’s behalf. Players can earn XP by voting in the AavegotchiDAO, attending community events, participating in minigame leaderboard competitions, and drinking XP potions. 

To climb this leaderboard, stay active in the Aavegotchi community and keep an eye on our social media platforms so you know how and when you can earn XP!

Gotchi Battler

Craft your ultimate Aavegotchi squad, fine-tune their formation, and deploy unique special moves and leadership skills to secure victory in thrilling battles to the death!

All tournaments begin shortly after the main Rarity Farming event concludes. Stay tuned for specific tournament-related details!

To participate, you simply need to register your team during the registration period at the start of the tournament; then, your team will automatically progress through each round. Powered by Chainlink’s VRF random number generator, you can view all the battles on the Gotchi Battler website each day.

The prize pool for this tournament is 150k $GHST, so significant prizes await those who manage their Aavegotchi squads most aptly!

>> Gotchi Battler Mechanics

Structure of Season 8

Get ready for an electrifying eight-week spectacle where Aavegotchi takes center stage! Our favorite on-chain ghosts are gearing up for fierce competition, and the entire community will be watching them in anticipation of those bi-weekly snapshots.

>> View the Rewards Breakdown for Season 8

After each snapshot, rewards are allocated, and an announcement will be made once $GHST is distributed. Rewards will be dropped directly into your Aavegotchi's individual pockets and can be viewed and withdrawn by visiting your Aavegotchi’s interface at > My Profile.

After one snapshot is taken, the next round immediately begins and lasts for another two weeks, repeating until the conclusion of the fourth and final round.

Get Ready, Get Dressed, GO!

Rarity Farming Season 8 will begin on March 16th, 2024 at 10AM EST/2PM UTC, with the first snapshot happening two weeks later on March 30th, 2024 at 2PM UTC. So make sure to have your Gotchi Gang's outfits ready to go if they want to win those tasty $GHST rewards.

With over $1.8M USD in $GHST at stake, it’s going to be another EBIC eight weeks of OG Gotchi farming. Remember frens, take care of your Gotchis, and they’ll take care of you!

See you on the leaderboards, Gotchigang!

The Aavegotchi Team