Top Metaverse Marketing Executive Joins Aavegotchi as Chief Marketing Officer

Top Metaverse Marketing Executive Joins Aavegotchi as Chief Marketing Officer


Pixelcraft Studios is excited to welcome Nigel Carlos to the Aavegotchi team as our new Chief Marketing Officer! Nigel boasts more than 15 years in leadership positions at global advertising agencies, advising high-growth blockchain projects, and until recently led the marketing for Alien Worlds - one of the most popular metaverse games in the world.

You read that right frens, the man that helped propel Alien Worlds to the top of the DappRadar rankings is now joining the Aavegotchi team, with his sights set on doing the same for Aavegotchi and the Gotchiverse!

Nigel comes to the Aavegotchi Protocol with a proven track record of success and accomplishments across both traditional and web3 gaming. His previous experience planning and implementing product launches with trad gaming developers like Ubisoft, Sega, and Rockstar Games, along with his recent position with Alien Worlds, will no doubt help us take Aavegotchi to the forefront of web3 gaming.

“I couldn’t be more excited to join Pixelcraft Studios as CMO. The team’s insatiable hunger for innovation and pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in web3 align perfectly with my views on mass adoption of blockchain gaming. I believe that together we will onboard many more gamers into the Aavegotchi ecosystem and convert the masses into web3 believers.“

- Nigel Carlos on joining Pixelcraft Studios

Nigel will be an aavesome addition to the team and will oversee all company marketing efforts, including strategy development, branding, community growth, and public relations.

Keep an eye out for Nigel in the Aavegotchi Discord server (carlo3000) and be sure to give him a frenly welcome to the GotchiGang!

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