A massive new Gotchi Gaming Partner has just arrived

A massive new Gotchi Gaming Partner has just arrived


Imagine a world where your gaming achievements aren't just badges, but a part of your very identity. 

That’s the vision that attracted us to CARV, the latest gaming partner to team up with Aavegotchi in our quest to onboard the next generation of gamers into Web3. 

CARV is ‘building a credential infra focused on gaming’ which simply put, is a cross-platform achievement system enabling their user base of 700,000+ gamers playing over 600 popular games listed on CARV to record their gaming achievements, memories, and player journey. 

Their tagline ‘build, evolve and own your gaming legacy’ sums it up nicely. 

This ‘first of a kind’ gaming credential protocol has generated a LOT of buzz in both on-chain and off-chain gaming communities thanks to a large global presence on social media, exclusive partnership events, generous player rewards and their close ties to influential streamers and influencers. 

As part of the partnership, CARV will showcase on its platform both of Aavegotchi’s much-anticipated upcoming releases: Gotchi Guardians, a fusion of high-stakes survival and tower defense game, and the Gotchiverse Aarena, a multiplayer battle-royale deathmatch game deeply integrated with the Aavegotchi IP. 

"CARV is an innovative and exciting protocol; their unique approach to preserving gamer data sovereignty and unlocking their achievements for benefits across games aligns with our player-value first ethos at Aavegotchi” said coderdan, CEO of Pixelcraft Studios, the development team behind Aavegotchi.

“We can’t wait for people to discover our latest titles, learn from player enjoyment  – and ofc welcome them into one of the friendliest communities in web3.” 

CARV also had some nice words to say about the partnership:

We are thrilled to welcome Aavegotchi to the CARV family! We envision a future where Aavegotchi continues to captivate audiences and push boundaries in the gaming world. CARV will support Aavegotchi's journey in new player acquisition, player retention, player insights and more! We cannot wait to see what exciting developments the future holds for Aavegotchi, and we are privileged to be a part of that journey.” - MinorC, CCO of CARV.

CARV joins the esteemed list of announced gaming partners for the upcoming release of Gotchiverse3D and Gotchi Guardians. 

Who else would you love to see us partner with? Tell us in the comments below or on X. 

And ofc, stay aavesome #Gotchigang!

-Pixelcraft Studios team

About CARV

CARV is building a credential and data infrastructure focused on gaming, enabling gamers with data sovereignty and games with intelligence. 

With consumer facing gaming hub and studio facing CRM products, CARV enable gamers with seamless credential-based gaming experiences, and empowering games with data-driven growth & intelligence, starting with web3.

The name CARV is derived from the verb "carve", which means to cut or shape something by removing material. The word "carve" has a strong association with craftsmanship, precision, and attention to detail, and so are we.

About Aavegotchi

Aavegotchi is a community-owned gaming platform where players can game, earn, and make friends. 

Powered by Web3 blockchain technology, Aavegotchi enables true asset ownership for players, heralding a new era of cooperation between developers and gamers.

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