Aavegotchi Chooses Base As Settlement Layer for Gotchichain
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Aavegotchi Chooses Base As Settlement Layer for Gotchichain


Today, we are excited to announce that Gotchichain, our upcoming Layer 3 (L3) rollup dedicated to Aavegotchi gaming, will use Base as its settlement layer. Base is a leading EVM-compatible Layer 2 (L2) chain developed by Coinbase that offers a safe, low-cost, and developer-friendly way to develop onchain, while still remaining strongly aligned with Ethereum.

“We are proud to work with the Base team as we explore new horizons in blockchain gaming,” said Coderdan, CEO of Pixelcraft Studios. “The Aavegotchi Gaming Console, powered by Gotchichain and Base's infrastructure, is set to offer open-source, onchain gaming like never before. We are delighted to deliver a powerful gaming experience to our users, powered by fast and scalable L2 technology.”

Gotchichain, expected to drop in Q2 2024, is designed to power the Aavegotchi Gaming Console, keeping everything—player profiles, game progression, and assets—safe on the chain. 

"Base is dedicated to supporting innovative projects that enable anyone, anywhere, to get onchain and delight users with new experiences,” said Jesse Pollak, Creator of Base. "We're excited to see how Gotchichain will transform player interaction and engagement within the growing onchain gaming landscape, leveraging our L2 capabilities for scalability and low transaction costs."

Additionally, we are leveraging this new partnership to consult with the Base team to explore the option of using the Optimism stack to enhance Gotchichain further. The Optimism Stack, a gift to the open-source community, lays the groundwork for a "superchain" of L2s, offering shared interoperability, sequencing, and governance, creating a united ecosystem of scalability solutions.

This announcement is just the beginning of Aavegotchi’s journey on Base. Tell us what you think in the comments below!

Stay tuned for more exciting updates coming soon.

Stay aavesome frens ✨👻✨

The Aavegotchi Team