Aavegotchi Dev Update - April 2024

Aavegotchi Dev Update - April 2024


Hello Frens!

Spring is here, and our aavesome team is excited to bring the Gotchiverse a bouquet of fresh updates and blossoming features. So let’s jump in and see what this Dev Update brings:

  • Gotchichain chose to settle on Base 
  • Spirit Force Arena has gotten EBIC updates
  • Gotchi Guardians leveled up with a whole new progression system
  • We’re over halfway there - 69% of our wearables have gone 3D
  • Licky is getting a new icon thanks to the help he got from his frens
  • …and loads moar!

Sit back, enjoy the sun, and read on!


Did you miss the big news?! Our upcoming Layer 3 rollup, Gotchichain, will be using Base, a leading Layer 2 (L2) blockchain developed by Coinbase, as its settlement layer!

In consultation with the Base team, we are also exploring the option of using the Optimism stack to enhance Gotchichain further, thanks to its promise of enhancing interoperability among L2s.

Right after our announcement, our GHST token, the eco-governance token of the Aavegotchi Crypto Gaming protocol, went live for trading on Base! GHST holders can now bridge their tokens to Base using Superbridge and various fast bridges.

We’re not stopping there; this is just the beginning of our journey on Base. We look forward to the summer as we eagerly work towards the deployment of Gotchichain, settling on Base.


Spirit Force Arena

Big news just dropped from the Spirit Force Arena team! The last update was packed with aavesome features, bringing us oh-so-close to the complete game experience. The team is still tweaking a few bits here and there, but here’s what you may have missed:

  • Mac and PC gamers, we're fully certified, so downloads are smoother than ever. And Linux crew – the build is back in action!
  • Grab Protolicks with Alchemica for that sweet, sweet tactical edge in matches. Because who doesn't like a bit of an advantage?
  • A new forcefield mechanism is here to keep the action localized until rising FOMO levels push players to the rooftop for an epic final showdown.
  • The Arena got some snazzy updates and brought back some beloved sniper nests for strategic gameplay.
  • From the main menu to game over screens, we've jazzed up the whole interface for a sleeker, more engaging experience.

The team is now zeroing in on:

  • Implementing Aavegotchi Wearables: Until now, only hand wearables have been implemented for combat. Now, we are hooking up the rest of the wearables to make your Aavegotchi’s gameplay as unique as it is!
  • A new 1v1 Dueling mode: Long foretold, and finally here, 1v1 duels are coming to the Arena! Stake real GHST and pit your Gotchis in ebic duels against each other. Note: This feature is experimental and may be turned off later.
  • Possible Base integration: We are exploring the feasibility of depositing GHST directly from Base into the Player Wallet, instead of or in addition to Polygon. More on this later!
  • Lickquidator Combat Clarity: focusing on fine-tuning the visuals and feedback for Lickquidator combat to ensure players know exactly when, where, and how they’re being attacked. Clarity is key, and we're making sure those Licks no longer catch players off guard!
  • Match Flow Makeover: Get ready for a smoother start and a more celebratory finish to each match. 
  • Final Four Champions: The roster is about to be complete with the addition of our final four champions.
  • Expanding the Badge System: A new category to the Badge system based on player loyalty is coming.

Gear up and get ready to dive into the arena with these aavesome updates!

Gotchiverse 3D

Things are getting social! A new dimension of social interaction is coming to the Gotchiverse with the Observation Lounge.

First teased in a recent Gotchi Gang Weekly Hangout call, this area is designed to be a vibrant social space where Gotchis can relax, interact, and connect with each other.

While still in the early stages of development, the Observation Lounge promises to offer a unique setting within the Gotchiverse: a serene, inviting environment perfect for hanging out and sharing experiences with fellow Gotchi Gang members.

Keep an eye out as the team continues to shape all the new features of social activity for the Gotchiverse!

3D Gotchis


Exciting progress in the 3D world as we've crossed the 60% completion mark on wearables! But that’s not all… The dressing room has recently received some ebic updates, and they are all about Gotchi interaction:

  • Customize the backdrop in the dressing room to create the perfect setting for a Gotchi. 
  • Want a closer look at a Gotchi’s features? Zoom in and out easily using the mouse wheel—perfect for admiring those intricate wearables or just getting a better look at that adorable Gotchi face.
  • Gotchis look crispier than ever with the implemented material fixes that improve the rendering of their face.
  • No more glitches with eye colors not matching certain eye shapes. Whether the Gotchi has common, mythical H2, or collateral-based eyes, they'll now display correctly.

Jump into the Dressing Room, experiment with the new features, and share with us your most striking looks!

Gotchi Guardians

The Gotchi Guardians team dropped a major update last month, introducing a whole new Guardian Progression System. Players can now choose one of 3 Guardians to lead them into battle, each with their unique traits and special abilities.

But the wheel keeps on turning as the team works on new features, maps, towers, moar Guardians, and Lickquidators.While we can’t give away too much, we sure can give a sneak peek into our next Lickquidator — The Mama Ship!


The Mama Ship is the most complex Lickquidator yet and the first-ever flying unit! This game-changer can soar over the grasslands, making it invulnerable to melee attacks from ground units like the Bull. It's not just about defense—the Mama Ship uses advanced spotlight technology to enhance allies and weaken foes, adding a layer of strategy to the battle.

Looking ahead, keep an eye out for the next guarrrrrrdian to join the ranks and the unveiling of Gotchi Guardian’s next map!

Licky’s Escape

After a head-to-head icon battle and a ton of help from Licky’s frens, Licky is finally getting a fancy new App Icon!

Going live on the App Store this week, we can’t help but share the excitement Licky feels!

But the fun isn’t over yet - get ready for Licky’s BLOOPRINTS to drop! Don’t remember? Licky’s BLOOPRINTS are part of an exclusive collection of digital artwork that dives into the creative process behind Licky’s Escape.

Players who guide Licky to freedom by April 30th will be eligible to claim a Bloopack, which includes five random BLOOPRINTS out of 36 unique designs across six rarity tiers.

A total of 5460 limited edition BLOOPRINTS will be minted, coinciding with the launch of the Gotchichain.

Don’t miss the chance to own a piece of the game's history and artistry. Download Licky’s Escape and secure your very own digital collectibles!

DAO-led Games:

Gotchi Battler

The Gotchi Battler team is working tirelessly to bring the V1.5 update, and excitement is building as they prepare to unveil the brand-new training mode this month.

This update is specially designed to help battlers sharpen their skills ahead of the highly anticipated 150K GHST Rarity Farming Tournament. Introducing tons of innovative features like creating custom training teams from over 400 training Gotchis and integrating training Gotchis into the team to identify gaps in the lineup.

Not only that, but every training battle will now provide a win percentage based on 200 battles, eliminating the guesswork and confirming whether player’s wins are due to luck or truly dominant strategies.

Keep an eye out for detailed release notes, comprehensive reports on the balancing process, and a sneak peek at some test bounty tournaments featuring the newly revamped double-elimination bracket system.

Mecha Gotchis

Exciting updates have arrived in the Mecha Gotchis arena! Players can now unleash the full potential of their mech warriors by firing multiple weapons simultaneously, ramping up the intensity and strategy of each match.

The UI has seen an overhaul for clarity and ease, incorporating an enemy status screen right in the center of the dashboard. This update also brings more intuitive displays for boost and heat levels, allowing players to manage their weaponry more effectively during multi-fire situations.

Lastly, we've introduced a dynamic damage zone feature designed to keep the adrenaline pumping and the battles fiercely competitive from start to finish.

With all these improvements in place, the stage is set for the upcoming tournament - join the Discord server and don’t miss out! 


Strategotchi is moving forward with exciting updates following the successful conclusion of Demo Tourney 2! The core proposal concluded with the highest approval percentage yet for a DAO-built game, signaling strong community backing for continued development.

Key upcoming features include enhanced weapon utilities with unique effects, trait-based classes for Gotchis, and a shift towards hand-crafted maps in a new multiplayer co-op mode. Additionally, the development of a UNITY SDK is progressing ahead of schedule, which will be open-sourced to the community, allowing developers to create custom experiences with Strategotchi's voxel art style.

Stay in the know by joining Strategotchi’s Discord server.

Dropt: the Fallen Gotchi

The team continues to bring exciting updates to the gameplay and enemy interaction. All hand attacks and specials are now fully implemented, and wearables have been equipped with their primary buffs.

Additionally, a sophisticated AI framework has been introduced for its enemies, adopting the Infinite Axis Utility System, which provides unparalleled flexibility in enemy behavior. This system allows each enemy, like the test subject—the humble snail—to respond dynamically to players, allies, and environmental cues. As an example, a snail with full HP will rush to attack but might think twice if his HP is low. If he is low on health, he will flee in search of frens to bring into the battle! 

Last but certainly not least, the enemy pathing system has been overhauled, ensuring that no enemy will awkwardly crash into walls anymore. Looking ahead, the team is prioritizing the development of new enemies over elemental weapon enhancements, promising some fearsome new foes ready to challenge players.

Join Dropt’s Discord server for more updates as the team continues to evolve and surprise!

👻 Aavegotchi Dapp Upgrades 👻

The Aavegotchi Dapp team has been hard at work this month improving the dapp’s performance and adding new features! Here are a few highlights: 

GBM Auction House Improvements

One of the main ships this month was the recently-released GBM Auction House upgrades, which added a Buy it Now option, minimum bids, and a new “low” preset for more liquid items.

Check out the blog post to get all the details! 

Integrated Player Profile 

The dapp team has also begun integrating the new Aavegotchi Gaming Console Player Profile into the UI. This Player Profile will ultimately track all of your progression across each integrated Aavegotchi experience.

We are currently testing the integration with Spirit Force Arena and will soon begin adding more games and other achievements! 

Note: This integration is still a WIP and does not reflect the final state of the AGC Player Profile!

Delegated Wearables Feature with Orium

Orium Network recently released their “Wearable Rental” feature that allows Wearable owners to rent out wearables to other players for a fixed cost. 

The marketplace is currently hosted on the official Orium website, but rented Wearables can now be equipped via the official Aavegotchi Dapp. 

Performance and UX Improvements

The dapp team is conscious of performance and UX issues compared with the V1 dapp and is taking steps to improve performance and user flow. We appreciate all of the feedback and will continue working hard to make the Aavegotchi Dapp the most user-frenly client for newbies and power users alike! 

So, let’s bring it all together now…

We’re so excited to watch so many games across Aavegotchi bring continuous updates for the Gotchigang. From Gotchi Guardian’s newest features to Spirit Force Arena’s latest big release to all of amazing work being done on our community-funded games, it’s shipping season here at Aavegotchi!

Want to jump in deeper than this newsletter? Join our Discord community to catch all the updates, participate in discussions, and participate in our community game nights and events.

Keep gaming, keep engaging, and let’s continue to build the Gotchiverse together!

Stay aavesome frens!

The Aavegotchi Team