Aavegotchi Forge Unleashes the Mystical Power of Geodes

Aavegotchi Forge Unleashes the Mystical Power of Geodes


Hey there, Gotchigang!

We're thrilled to unveil a brand new Forge game mechanic that will rock your spectral socks off! Today, we're delving into the captivating realm of geodes, a glittering treasure trove brought to life by the Forge Team.

Keep reading to learn how you can get your ghostly tendrils on these ebic treasures!


Unveiling the Mysteries of Geodes

So, what exactly are these enigmatic geodes?

Well, picture this: you've got a wearable collecting dust in your inventory, longing for a purpose.

Fear not, because with the power of the Forge, you can smelt the wearable down to, obtain its underlying components (alloy, core, and schematic) and receive a same-tier geode in the process!

There are six tiers in total, ranging from common to godlike, with higher tiers giving better chances of a prize within...

Opening the Gateway to Fortune

To unlock the captivating secrets hidden within these mesmerizing geodes, we've enlisted the help of an NPC named Flex. With Flex's expert guidance and the Forge UI, you can crack open these mystical gems to reveal the incredible prizes lurking inside. The best part? You don't need an Aavegotchi or even GLTR to embark on this thrilling journey!

Flex will be haappy to assist you with all your forging needs!

Delightful Surprises Await

Now, let's talk about the prizes themselves. The rarity tier of your geode determines the percentage chance of obtaining a prize from the pool. Initially, we've curated a collection of four legendary schematics, which, when combined, form the mighty Smithooor set.

As you dive into the geode-opening frenzy, you'll find yourself amid a pool of 400 tantalizing schematics. You can see their full trait modifications and set bonuses on the Aavegotchi Wiki. And fear not, dear adventurers, for additional schematics will be introduced to the prize pool as our creative team conjures them up!

What Lies Beyond: Multi-Tier Rarity Prizes

The journey doesn't end here, brave souls. In our next implementation phase, we're planning to expand the prize pool to encompass prizes across all rarity tiers, from common to godlike. This means that any geode you open will have the potential to grant you a prize of any tier. And should our prize pool run dry before the full multi-tier functionality arrives, we may just sneak in some extra legendary schematics to keep the excitement flowing!

The Secrets of Fairness Unveiled

To ensure a level playing field, we've employed the mystical powers of Chainlink VRF (Verifiable Random Function). This guarantees a fair and transparent prize distribution process. To give you an idea of your chances, here are the odds for each rarity tier of geode winning a prize from the initial pool:

- Common: 0.7920%
- Uncommon: 2.3573%
- Rare: 9.8209%
- Legendary: 34.3900%
- Mythical: 86.3022%
- Godlike: 100%

May the VRF Gods smile upon you

Fanning the Flame of Wearable Value

The hunt for geode prizes serves a noble purpose—supporting wearable values and igniting the fires of smelting engagement. When you smelt a wearable, there's a 10% alloy fee. Out of that, 5% is burnt forever, while the other 5% is sent to the Aavegotchi DAO. As of today, we've already seen around ~700,000 alloy go up in smoke and contribute to the DAO. With increased Forge activity, we anticipate solid support of wearable floors as users yearn for that elusive stroke of geode-opening luck. Keep track of wearable data at wearables.report which will soon be updated to include alloy and forging statistics.

Who knows? We might even concoct a smithing competition that further rewards the most talented smiths.

To open a geode, head to the Forge dashboard and start cracking 'em open!

Happy Forging, Frens!
The Forge Team


Special thanks to Oliver Spoon, the lead artist of the Forge Team; Diddly, Forge Team technical lead; and MikeyJay, Forge Team lead economist.