Aavegotchi March Update

Aavegotchi March Update


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Another month of nonstop shipping has come to an end

March was a monumental month for #GotchiGang. Take a look at everything we shipped!

Gotchiverse Alpha Launch

The Gotchiverse alpha period runs from March 31st to April 30th

The much anticipated Gotchiverse Alpha went live on March 31st! The Alpha launch period will run until April 30th. During this time, players can enter the Gotchiverse and collect the Gotchus Alchemica playdrop. Alchemica spawns on the map every minute, so do your best to collect as much as possible. Play now at verse.aavegotchi.com!

Gotchi Lending

Borrow an Aavegotchi for free 

Aavegotchi’s 100% on-chain sharing economy is now live! Aavegotchi owners can now lend their spooky frens out to others seamlessly with the Gotchi Lending Program. Anyone without a Gotchi can now borrow one and get in the game at app.aavegotchi.com. For all the details on Gotchi Lending see our blog.

LE Golden Aaltar

Craft LE Golden Aaltar

With the Gotchiverse alpha launch players will be able to use the Alchemica they collect to craft a limited edition Golden Aaltar Installation. The LE Golden Aaltar functions exactly the same as a regular Gotchi Aaltar, but it’s gold! For moar information on this super rare installation, see our blog post.

Official Gotchiverse Cinematic Trailer

The Gotchiverse Cinematic Trailer

The Official Gotchiverse Trailer: “Invasion of the Lickquidators” has been revealed! The cinematic trailer had GotchiGang frens buzzing, and was spread far and wide. It featured some scenic views, the Tree of Fud, and massive Lickquidators. The trailer was first revealed by The Defiant, who also broke the news of the Gotchiverse’s March 31st launch date.

Gotchiverse Game Bible Chapter 3

The Gotchiverse Game Bible Chapter 3

Chapter 3 of the Gotchiverse Game Bible has been published! This chapter dives into the details on Alchemical Channeling, Wearable Traits, Guilds, the GAX, and the GLTR Token. Click here to read it and soak in all that juicy alpha!

Rarity Farming Season 3 Continues

Rarity Farming SZN 3 is in full swing

Two of the four on-chain leaderboard snapshots for Rarity Farming SZN 3 took place in March. Snapshot #1 was on Thursday, March 10th at 2pm UTC at Block #25806267 and Snapshot #2 took place Thursday, March 24th at 2pm UTC at block #26308346. 375k GHST was distributed right to the Gotchi pocket of the top 7,500 Gotchis across each of the three categories for both snapshots, for a grand total of 750k GHST. The next snapshot takes place Thursday, April 7th at 2pm UTC.

#Playdrop Invented

Aavegotchi coins #playdrop 

Sure Airdrops are cool, but you know what’s even better? A Gotchus Alchemica Playdrop. Aavegotchi coined the term “Playdrop” in March to describe the fair-launch of FUD, FOMO, ALPHA and KEK. Enter The Gotchiverse now and start collecting your #playdrop!

Five New CorePROPS

New COREprops Live

The AavegotchiDAO was called upon once again in March. CorePROPs AGIP 24, 25, 26, 27, and 28 went live for voting and easily met quorum and voting differential requirements. For details on the proposals, see our blog post.

Pixelcraft Studios Dev Highlights

Rarity Farming Leaderboard Update

Rarity Farming SZN 3 Leaderboard

The Rarity Farming Leaderboard has been updated to reflect the current standings! The leaderboard now lists the top 7,500 Gotchis in each category. Check the leaderboard now to see where your Gotchis rank.

New Home Page

New Aavegotchi Home Page

Our official website, aavegotchi.com, has a brand new look! Players visiting for the first time will now be greeted by a frenly and educational new home page. To enter the Aavegotchi dApp you will now click “Enter App” in the top right, or simply go to app.aavegotchi.com.

r/Cryptocurrency AMA

GotchiGang r/cryptocurrency AMA

Coderdan, gldnXross, and Gravy took part in an AMA in the world’s largest cryptocurrency subreddit, r/cryptocurrency. They received some awesome questions and introduced some new people to Aavegotchi in the process. Check out the AMA here.

Haunt 1 Anniversary Twitter Spaces

H1 Anniversary Twitter Spaces Event

The anniversary of Haunt 1 took place on March 2nd! To celebrate we held an ebic Twitter Spaces featuring representatives from some of our frenliest paartners! Click here to listen to a recording of the spaces.

March was an EBIC month of shipping, and we plan on keeping the momentum going in April! Here’s what we’ve got coming up.

A Preview of April:

  • Playdrop Continues
  • Rarity Farming Season 3 Snapshots
  • Gotchiverse Game Bible Chapter 4
  • Much Moar

Stay spooky frens,

Aavegotchi Team

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