Aavegotchi Rarity Farming Season 3 is coming!

Aavegotchi Rarity Farming Season 3 is coming!


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AavegotchiDAO has spoken, and the Aavegotchi Summoners are listening. AGIP 22 to launch Rarity Farming Season 3 passed easily, showing once again the power of the most active DAO in the world. With the launch of the Gotchiverse right around the corner, what better time than now to bring back the Aavegotchi protocol’s original play-to-earn mechanic? That’s right GotchiGang, GHST stimmies are back for Rarity Farming Season 3! 🚀

Rarity Farming FAQ

What is Rarity Farming?

Rarity farming is a play-to-earn mechanic that is designed to reward the most engaged members of the Aavegotchi ecosystem. Rarity Farming rewards players for making their Aavegotchi NFTs as rare as possible. Equipping them with Wearable NFTs, petting them twice daily, and participating in XP events can lead to GHST token rewards for Aavegotchis across the categories of Rarity, Kinship, and XP.

When does it start?

Season Three will start on February 24th, with the first official Snapshot (and GHST payout) two weeks later, on March 10th.

How much GHST is up for grabs?

This time around 1.5 million GHST (roughly $3 million USD) is up for grabs during the eight-week Rarity Farming period.

How to participate

To participate in Rarity Farming you just need to own an Aavegotchi, or rent one from a player that is offering a split on GHST earned during the borrowing period once Gotchi Lending launches.

Rarity Farming Season 3 Cheat Sheet

Rarity Farming SZN 3 Cheat Sheet

Aavegotchi’s Circle of Win

Aavegotchi funds play-to-earn events like Rarity Farming by allocating 40% of all GHST spent in primary sales towards player rewards.

Rarity Farming Season 3 is mainly funded through the Haunt 2 Bid-to-earn Auction sales, as well as via revenue generated via trading in the Baazaar.

Additionally, as part of AGIP 22, roughly 100k GHST for this season’s rewards pool will be funded by the AavegotchiDAO Treasury.

That’s right frens, the first Rarity Farming Season of 2022 is fully funded. We’re ready to distribute GHST stimmies totalling over 1.5M GHST across the ebic eight-week season!

Rarity Score Distribution
Kinship Score Distribution
XP Score Distribution

Rookies No More

Season 2 of Rarity farming introduced Rookie leaderboards for kinship and XP to ensure Haunt 2 Aavegotchi owners had a fair chance to earn GHST. Those Aavegotchis are no longer rookies--instead they are grizzled Gotchi veterans with an entire season of Rarity Farming already under their belt. For this reason all Gotchis will compete in the same leaderboards across all three categories during Rarity Farming Season 3.

One big change this season is the lengthening of the rewards tail. During Seasons 1 and 2, only the top 5,000 Aavegotchis received rewards in each category. To spread the love this season, we’re paying out the top 7,500 Aavegotchis.

GHST rewards will be allocated as follows:

  • Rarity (70%)
  • Kinship (20%)
  • XP (10%)

Three Ways to Win


Rarity is the main rewards pool with 70% of player rewards allocated to this leaderboard. An Aavegotchi’s rarity score is determined based on a number of factors including:

  • Randomly generated traits
  • Points earned from equipping Wearables and Wearable sets
  • Changes to trait scores made possible by leveling up
  • Changes to trait scores made possible by the aging mechanic

To climb this leaderboard, either purchase or summon the rarest Aavegotchi you can, then continue to boost their rarity using the right combination of Wearables and Wearable sets.


Climbing the kinship is less capital intensive than rarity. To increase your Aavegotchi’s kinship simply pet it twice a day (once every 12 hours) or feed it kinship potions. Each time you pet your Aavegotchi its kinship score will increase by one. It’s also important to note that for each 24-hour period that passes without petting your Aavegotchi, its kinship score will decrease by one. To climb this leaderboard, set a reminder and make sure you interact with your GotchiGang every 12 hours!


XP is the final leaderboard, which allows anyone with an internet connection the ability to earn XP on their Aavegotchi’s behalf. Players can earn XP by voting in the AavegotchiDAO, attending community events, participating in minigame leaderboard competitions, and by drinking XP potions. To climb this leaderboard stay active in the Aavegotchi community and keep an eye on our social media pages so you know how and when you can earn XP!

Structure of Season 3

As with Seasons 1 and 2, Rarity Farming Season 3 will take place over an eight week period that includes four, two week rounds. At the end of each round on-chain snapshots of the leaderboards are taken.

>>View the Rewards Breakdown for Season 3

After each snapshot, rewards are allocated and an announcement will be made once all GHST is distributed. Aavegotchi NFTs have the ability to hold GHST token balances inside of them, which means rewards can be viewed and withdrawn by viewing your Aavegotchis “pocket” interface at Aavegotchi.com.

After one snapshot is taken, the next round immediately begins and lasts for another two weeks, repeating like this until the conclusion of the fourth and final round.

At the conclusion of the 4th round, all Aavegotchi’s cumulative scores will be calculated and weighted. The Top 100 Aavegotchis with the highest cumulative score ranking in each leaderboard will receive special Rarity Farming Baadge NFTs airdropped into their pockets, to showcase their triumphs until the end of time!

Rare Recognize Rare

Aavegotchi Rarity Farming Season 3 begins February 24th, but the moar important date is two weeks later, on March 10th. That’s when the first snapshot will be taken, so you’ll want to have your GotchiGang ready to earn some sweet GHST rewards.

With over $3M USD in GHST at stake, it’s going to be a wild eight-weeks of farming. At their core, Aavegotchi’s are humble farmers. In other words, they were summoned for this!

Visual Representation of GotchiGang receiving their GHST stimmies

See you on the leaderboards frens,|
The Aavegotchi Team

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