Aavegotchi’s Gotchi Lending Dates Announced

Aavegotchi’s Gotchi Lending Dates Announced


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The much anticipated launch of Aavegotchi’s on-chain sharing economy to go live March 28th.

With the launch of Gotchi Lending fast approaching, here’s a quick FAQ and refresher on everything you need to know.

What is Gotchi Lending?

Gotchi Lending is the Aavegotchi Protocol’s sharing economy, that allows users to lend their Aavegotchi NFTs out to other players for a set period of time. The owners of the NFT are able to set any up-front fees, the duration of the lending period, and the earnings split. Gotchi Lending is 100% on the blockchain, allowing for the seamless, trustless, and secure sharing of Aavegotchi NFTs.

How Will Gotchi Lending Improve NFT Gaming?

Gotchi Lending solves one of the largest issues facing NFT games. This, of course, is the issue of how to scale to the player bases of traditional games without diluting the supply of the underlying NFT assets. Gotchi Lending allows anyone in the world with an internet connection and a web 3 wallet the ability to play and earn in The Gotchiverse.

With Gotchi Lending, players can kiss the cumbersome scholarship model goodbye. No more manual payouts, delays, or dealing with bad actors. In other words, goodbye middleman! Keeping the entire process 100% on-chain allows Aavegotchi owners and borrowers to have confidence that the terms laid out in the initial lending smart contract will not only be upheld, but immediately executed upon the completion of the lending period.

What can I do with Gotchi Lending?

Gotchi Lending is useful for anyone who own an Aavegotchi NFT. It’s also useful for anyone who wants to play in the soon-to-launch Gotchiverse. Large guilds will be able to utilize the feature to get the NFTs into the hands of their members, and will even have the ability to share earned funds to the guild’s treasury wallet.

Individuals will be able to make use of Gotchi Lending as well, by making their Aavegotchis available publically to earn passive income, or even allowing friends and family to play as their Aavegotchi for no cost.

Soon you’ll be able to borrow an Aavegotchi at little to no cost and P2E in The Gotchiverse

Wen Lending?

Mark your calendars and clear your schedules frens, Gotchi Lending goes live on Monday, March 28th

Gotchi Lending will be a huge step for GotchiGang members. Not only does it introduce an opportunity for easy passive income, it will break down the cost barrier to entry and make The Gotchiverse more accessible. New frens incoming!

About Aavegotchi

Aavegotchi is an open-source, community owned NFT gaming protocol, enabling true asset ownership for gamers. Aavegotchi NFTs are on-chain collectible ghosts staked with Aave’s interest-generating aTokens.

Compete for player rewards by earning XP, leveling up, and increasing the rarity of your Aavegotchi fren. Aavegotchi is governed by the AavegotchiDAO and the native eco-governance token GHST. Visit Aavegotchi.com today and join the future of DeFi-staked NFT avatars!

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