Core Proposal AGIP 61 to Launch The Aavegotchi Forge is Live for Voting

Core Proposal AGIP 61 to Launch The Aavegotchi Forge is Live for Voting


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A new Core Proposal is live for voting on the official Aavegotchi Snapshot! AGIP 61: Launching The Aavegotchi Forge is now open for voting. Keep reading to get the full scoop on the proposal, join the discussion on the official AavegotchiDAO forum, and then finally head into Snapshot to cast your vote!

Please examine the proposal carefully before voting. If a CoreProp reaches quorum, XP will be sent to all voting wallets’ Aavegotchis regardless of which side of the results one is on.

The vote is open for the following seven days. Plenty of time to consider, discuss and VOTE at the AavegotchiDAO Snapshot.

Now, let’s have a look at this Core Proposal, shall we?

[AGIP 61] Launching The Aavegotchi Forge

Author: Dr Wagmi (Dr Wagmi#6629)
Gotchi ID: 16635
Quorum requirement: 20% (9M)
Vote duration: 7 days
XP Reward: 20 XP for each Aavegotchi in the voter’s wallet
Discourse thread:

Completed Forge Whitepaper:

I propose that we launch the Aavegotchi Forge! This proposal combines all previous Forge-related signal proposals into a final core proposal. The Core Framework has already been submitted and accepted as a core proposal (AGIP 57). The Completed Forge Whitepaper outlines all Forge mechanics and economics. The Whitepaper will be updated with Forge v1.1- Geodes expansion when the mechanic has been finalized.

The signal proposals included in this core proposal:
The Forge v1.1 – Geodes Funding and Implementation
Forge Raffle Strategy and Revenue Splits
The Forge- Fee Structure and Burn/DAO Percentages
The Forge- Establishing Alloy Ratio

The DAO modifiable variables:

The following are built-in variables designed as levers for the DAO to control.

  1. Alloy return on smelting
    • Currently set at 90% of the amount required to forge
    • Of the 10% not returned, launch settings are the following:
      • 50% of alloy sent to a burn address
      • 50% of alloy sent to the DAO
  2. Core Framework Ratios and Sales – Already passed in AGIP 57
  3. Essence destination on Forging
    • Settings on launch: 50% of essence will be burnt; 50% sent to the DAO

This proposal has no major adjustments from the passed signal proposals to the final product.

Option 1: Yes, launch the Aavegotchi Forge
Option 2: No, do not launch

XP Reminder

Your participation in Aavegotchi governance is valuable to the project and to your own Aavegotchis! Each Aavegotchi you own will earn 20 XP for your voting on a CoreProp that reaches quorum. The XP is airdropped directly to your Aavegotchis in the week or so following the conclusion of the vote.

Your Aavegotchis earn XP irregardless of whether you vote for or against any particular proposal.


Make sure you join the discussion threads before voting, as it is very important to hear any concerns that are not addressed in the original verbatim proposals. Once you’ve heard from both the bulls and bears it’s time to put your voting power to use!

AGIP 61 Vote

Stay spooky frens,
Aavegotchi Team

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