Creator of PhaserQuest Joins Aavegotchi as Senior Game Programmer

Creator of PhaserQuest Joins Aavegotchi as Senior Game Programmer


Phaser game engine expert Jerome Renaux joins Pixelcraft Studios to help build the Gotchiverse!

The Aavegotchi team is thrilled to announce that Jerome Renaux, a Phaser game engine expert, has joined the Pixelcraft Studios team as a Senior Game Programmer! Jerome’s interest in game development led him to learn programming at a young age, culminating with his creation of PhaserQuest and Westward, two MMORPG games made with the Phaser game engine.

That’s right frens, another rockstar game developer has been added to our star-studded team! In addition to game programming, Jerome brings his expertise in Artificial Intelligence (AI). Jerome is on the cutting edge of innovation in the AI space and now in the blockchain RPG space as well! Bots beware!

“ I'm really excited to join the development of Aavegotchi. I'm attracted by the ambitious vision for the game, the technical challenges and the great team!”

Jerome Renaux - Senior Game Programmer

Jerome will be a tremendous asset to the team with a focus on helping us massively scale across the Gotchiverse. He joins the rest of the Aavegotchi team hard at work preparing for the official launch of the first-of-its-kind metaverse!

The Gotchiverse is set to launch late March/early April, so we’re going to be shipping extra hard over the coming weeks. For the full Gotchiverse release schedule, check out Chapter 1 of the Gotchiverse Game Bible and be on the lookout for Chapter 2 coming soon.

You can welcome Jerome in the Official Aavegotchi Discord by messaging him at his handle @Jerome.

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