Don't Miss Out on the FAKE Gotchis Card Raffle!

Don't Miss Out on the FAKE Gotchis Card Raffle!


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Ready your Drop Tickets for the FAKE Gotchis Card Raffle!

FAKE Gotchis took the cryptoart scene by storm with the launch of 21 incredible Summoning Works in October, featuring works from legendary artists like Xibot, Pepenardo, Rare Labs, and WizardX, as well as pieces from Gotchi community artists like Roxiano and Cawito.

Now that the Summoning is complete, it’s time to distribute the remaining FAKE Gotchis cards! These cards allow any artist or publisher to publish a piece in the FAKE Gotchis collection.

As confirmed in the original FAKE Gotchis blog post, the remaining 2500 FAKE cards will be distributed via AIRDROP and, of course, our famous Aavegotchi VRF Raffle.

Keep reading for all the details on how to participate 👇

What are FAKE Gotchis Burn Cards?

A FAKE Gotchis burn card is an ERC-1155 NFT that enables its holders to mint a FAKE Gotchis NFT (ERC-721). The first step in minting a FAKE is burning a FAKE Gotchis Card. Only 2,535 FAKE Gotchis Cards will ever exist and they’ll be distributed as follows:

  • 35 to Pixelcraft Studios for official partnerships
  • 1,500 up for grabs via Drop Ticket Raffle
  • 1,000 airdropped to qualifying Aavegotchis (top 334 by BRS, top 333 by Kinship, & top 333 by XP)

Each FAKE Gotchis Card can mint a maximum of 100 editions of the same FAKE Gotchs NFT.

This means publishers can choose to mint their pieces as 1 of 1s, 20/20, 69/69, or whatever they think is best!

Publishers also have the ability to stream royalties to two different wallets, aligning the artist/publisher relationship. Each FAKE Gotchis NFT has a 4% royalty through the Aavegotchi Baazaar and A publisher and artist can agree to split this royalty however they see fit. And of course, a publisher can choose to design their own FAKE and publish as an artist themselves.

Ready to learn how you can get your hands on a FAKE Gotchis Card? Read on for some important alpha on the Drop Ticket Raffle and the airdrop for the remaining cards!

Raffle Incoming!

1,500 FAKE Gotchis Cards are up for grabs via a Drop Ticket Raffle powered by Chainlink’s on-chain random number generator, VRF. These 1,500 cards will be randomly distributed to winners once the raffle concludes!

The FAKE Gotchis Card Raffle begins on Wednesday, November 9th at 2pm UTC and ends on Saturday, November 12th at 2pm UTC. During this period you’ll be able to enter your one-time use Drop Tickets into the Raffle for your chance at winning FAKE Gotchis Cards.

On Saturday the 12th at 2pm UTC the Raffle will conclude. At this time, an automated drawing powered by Chainlink’s VRF will select the winners. Winners can claim their prizes anytime after the conclusion of the raffle, so don’t stress if you can’t be online when it ends.

To participate in the raffle, simply get yourself some Drop Tickets. You can get them either by exchanging FRENS points directly, or by purchasing them with GHST in the Aavegotchi Baazaar. Once the Raffle is live you’ll simply connect to Polygon Network, go to the designated Raffle url on, enter your tickets, and then sign with your web3 wallet!

FAKE Gotchis Burn Card Airdrop

The remaining 1,000 FAKE Gotchis Cards earmarked for qualifying Gotchi holders will be airdopped on the last day of the Raffle on Saturday, November 12th. The Cards will be sent to the wallets that own the Aavegotchis, so no need to worry if you have your Gotchis lent to someone else! Once you receive your card you can either design a FAKE on your own, work with an artist to design one, hodl it, or trade them in the Aaveogotchi Baazaar (capability coming soon).

What’s Next

The Raffle begins on November 9th, giving you plenty of time to grab yourself some Drop Tickets and prepare for the Raffle!

While you wait for the Raffle to begin, familiarize yourself with the FAKE Gotchis collection and start planning how you’ll utilize your Cards! Maybe you’ll create your own art to mint as a FAKE, or maybe you’ll partner with an artist and take advantage of our innovative dual streaming royalty capability. Regardless of your plan, you’ll definitely want to hop into the Aavegotchi Discord server to stay up to date with the latest alpha!

See you there frens, and good luck in the Raffle!

The Aavegotchi Team

About FAKE Gotchis

FAKE Gotchis is a grassroots crypto art collection built on the Aavegotchi Protocol. This official, community-driven art collection unlocks unlimited creative potential for Aavegotchi lovers and crypto artists alike.

Join the FAKE Gotchis movement today by getting your own FAKE Gotchi Card and designing an Aavegotchi themed piece. Artists without a FAKE Gotchi Card can join us in Discord and partner with a publisher!

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