Gotchi UBI is Coming to the Gotchiverse!

Gotchi UBI is Coming to the Gotchiverse!


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#PlayToEarn summer is almost upon us, and Aavegotchi is leading the charge with the Gotchiverse Land Release!

The Gotchiverse Land Release is almost upon us, frens! This exciting release infuses utility into REALM Parcels, previously distributed via #BidToEarn Auctions and GHST Staking Raffles, and allows their owner to truly #PlayToEarn.

Starting May 18th, any parcel with an Alchemical Aaltar (or the rare-skinned LE Golden Aaltar) will become a vessel for summoning Gotchus Alchemica tokens directly from the ether.

That’s right, Gotchi UBI is coming!

Introducing Gotchi UBI

What is Gotchi UBI?

The Gotchi UBI is a daily stipend of Gotchus Alchemica available once every 24 hours to each Aavegotchi that enters the Gotchiverse.

How to earn it?

In order to summon the Gotchi UBI, players need to first equip an Alchemical Aaltar to their REALM parcels

Then, simply log into the Gotchiverse during the daily 24hr channeling window, head to an Aaltar you own (or for borrowed Gotchis, owned by your lender), click on the Aaltar, and start channeling.

What can I do with it?

This daily dose of Alchemica can be put towards crafting and upgrading Installations, or traded on Quickswap for more GHST (Aavegotchi’s governance token). The Gotchiverse will also soon have its own DEX, the Gotchus Alchemica Exchange (GAX).

Maximize Your Earning Potential

All Gotchis can channel Alchemica, but there are two key factors that determine how much can be earned per day: Kinship Multiplier, and Altar Level.

Factor 1: Kinship Multiplier

You haven’t been neglecting your Gotchis, right fren? If so, now’s the time to get your relationship back on track by petting them once every 12 hours.

That’s because for Gotchis with a kinship score of 50, the daily base UBI will be:

  • 20 FUD
  • 10 FOMO
  • 5 ALPHA
  • 2 KEK

That’s not a bad daily yield for a humble Aavegotchi, but as we mentioned, those with a higher Kinship score will see boosted results during channeling.

This base rate will be multiplied by the Kinship modifier which will result in more Alchemica per day as your Gotchi’s Kinship score climbs.

The kinship modifier is determined by the following formula:

Not only will your bond with your favorite crypto pet grow, but you’ll be able to earn more as well. You just win!

Factor 2: Altar Level

During the initial Land Release, players will be able to craft, equip, and upgrade the Alchemical Aaltar on their land parcel. The Alchemical Aaltar is the most important installation on any Gotchiverse land parcel, as it is used for Alchemical Channeling and helps further the tech tree of other installations on the parcel.

It is important to note that once an Aaltar is equipped to a parcel, it will be burned if it is unequipped. The ability to rearrange Installation placement on the same parcel will be added as a feature later, but this will not be live by May 18th. So be careful where you place your Aaltar, especially if you plan to equip the LE Golden Aaltar.

Leveling Up Your Aaltar

Each Installation has a recipe noting the required amounts of each type of Alchemica for crafting and upgrading. With all Installations, higher levels will give better results, and the Alchemical Aaltar is no exception.

For the Alchemical Aaltar specifically, higher levels offer several benefits. A higher level Aaltar will lead to a higher percentage of Alchemica going directly to your Gotchi, it will decrease the spillover rate, and it will increase the percentage of the spillover that falls within 100 Gotchis of the parcel.

Channeling Benefit 1: Lower Spillover Rate

Spillover Rate refers to the amount of Alchemica that spills over onto the map. Low-level Alchemical Aaltars will see a very sizable portion of channeled spillover. Higher level Alchemical Aaltars will allow for more Alchemica to go directly to your Gotchi’s pocket.

Channeling Benefit #2: Lower Spillover Radius

The higher the Alchemical Aaltar level, the lower the spillover radius. On the other hand, low-level Aaltars have a very wide spillover radius, feeding the surrounding map with Surface Alchemica.

Ready Your Learnooors!

Well organized guilds and solo players can use this alpha to their advantage: Getting Aavegotchis lent out to your scholars at the time of your channeling, and having them spread out within 100 Gotchis of your parcel, will allow you to maximize your Alchemica earned from each channeling ritual. It’s also a great way to increase your scholars’ earnings as well!

Aaltar Cooldown

Although every Aavegotchi is eligible to engage in Alchemical Channeling once every 24 hours, the Aaltar needs some time to cool down between channelings as well. As you may be able to guess, a higher level Aaltar requires less cool down time than a lower level Aaltar. For example, as we can see in the image blow, a level 1 Aaltar can channel just once every 24 hours while a level 9 Aaltar can channel each hour.

It’s important to keep in mind that regardless of how high you level up your Aaltar, each Aavegotchi can only channel once during the 24 hour channeling window. So if you only have one Aavegotchi, but have a level 9 Aaltar, you won’t really get to reap the benefits from the decrease in cooldown time. On the other hand, those with plenty of Gotchis will be able to take advantage of this decreased cooldown time much more efficiently.

Get in on the Aaction!

Feeling religious? We don’t blame you! To ensure you’re ready to channel Alchemica, you’ll need to take just a few steps:

  1. Get a Gotchi
  2. Get a REALM Parcel
  3. Craft an Alchemical Aaltar for free, and place it on your REALM parcel

If you don’t have a Gotchi or any land, then head to the Aavegotchi Baazaar, Polygon’s most active NFT marketplace, and browse the options. Prefer to test out the gameplay first? Then borrow an Aavegotchi for little to no cost with 100% on-chain Gotchi Lending!

Alpha Leak

Ok we admit it, the sub-heading is misleading because this entire post has been one huge alpha leak. Regardless, you’ll want to pay special attention to the Aavegotchi Twitter page this weekend as we’ve got something great planned for the GotchiGang!

See you in the Gotchiverse frens,
The Aavegotchi Team

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