2 New AavegotchiDAO Core Proposals Are Live

2 New AavegotchiDAO Core Proposals Are Live


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Two new Core Proposals are live for voting on the official Aavegotchi Snapshot: Fund fireball.gg Team to Develop Guilds and Securing Protocol Rewards - Operational & Funding Request. Keep reading to get the full scoop of each Proposal, join the discussion on the official AavegotchiDAO forum, and then finally head into Snapshot to cast your vote!

Please examine each proposal carefully before voting. If a CoreProp reaches quorum, XP will be sent to all voting wallets’ Aavegotchis regardless of which side of the results one is on.

The votes for AGIP 68 and 69 are open until Wednesday, March 15th at 11am EST. This gives you plenty of time to consider, discuss and VOTE at the AavegotchiDAO Snapshot.

Now, let’s have a look at these Core Proposals, shall we?

[AGIP 68] Fund fireball.gg Team to Develop Guilds

Author: yanik | fireball ally
Gotchi ID: 4751
Quorum requirement: 20% (9M)
Vote duration: 7 days
XP Reward: 20 XP for each Aavegotchi in the voter’s wallet
Discourse links: https://dao.aavegotchi.com/t/fireball-on-chain-guilds/4678?u=yanik
Funding Request: 27,500 DAI
Development Time: 4+ Months

Changes from SigProp: The previous SigProp funding request was for 25,000 GHST. The funding request for this CoreProp is for 27,500 DAI (a fixed price of $1.10 per GHST from the previous funding request).


Last year, within the fireball.gg team we tried to imagine how guilds may look like in Aavegotchi. We deployed a guilds list page https://fireball.gg/guilds where players could group up and claim their spot as a guild inside the Gotchiverse!

Twenty one brave guild leaders with their guilds passed through a github pull request quest and participated in this imaginary guild claim!


Using all of our knowledge and insight, a new guild model was constructed, with given properties:

- on chain solution based on https://app.safe.global/ makes it very convenient to pull all related guild stats
- to participate there is no need to move any assets or any change in custody
- guild warehouse (inventory) out of the box
- name (flag) as non-transferable NFT
- we teach our community how to best use the safe app!

From a guild leader perspective the guild creation process would be something like:

1. initiation transaction (deploy an empty gnosis safe)
2. **claim a guild flag-name in registry contract**
3. (optional) add members and other associated addresses
4. (optional) set warehouse access rights


The deliverables are separated in two stages (both are included within the current funding request):

Version 2 — core features needed to start building guilds within the community and integration with ecosystem projects (Gotchiverse, STRATEGOTCHI and possibly others)

Version 3 — a feasibility study for the experimental features based on data from the first two versions

Version 2:

(a) smart contract with the following capabilities:

1. guild registration
2. guild deletion
3. guild name-flag as a non-transferable NFT

(b) a custom data graph with a specific guilds and aavegotchi related stats:

1. voting power
2. assets (gotchis, wearables, land, etc)

Version 3:

(a) updates to the smart contract:

1. guilds legacy — a historical NFT issued to remember historical events, like tournaments
2. advanced guild warehouse access framework on https://github.com/gnosis/zodiac-guard-scope/

(b) guilds market

(c) other needed features based on data from version 2


(in DAI)

- model, organization, integrations (ordengg) — 14,300
- smart contract (PG) — 8,250
- graph and data structures (ordengg) — 3,300
- visual assets (FakeGotchis artists) — 1650


After the guilds framework is stable we can:

(a) transfer registry to the dao

(b) deploy a new guild registry system to and from the dao which will effectively give us the “Official Aavegotchi Guilds!”


Version 2 — April-May

Version 3 — June-July


Having guilds makes pvp, farming and development much more interesting! The fireball.gg team has agreements in place to test new guild mechanics with other Aavegotchi sponsored projects:

1. integration with https://gotchiboard.com/ will open a road for guild specific tournaments!

2. Integration with STRATEGOTCHI will help with guilds registrations and leaderboards data.


Q: If I already have a complicated custody structure, do I need to move assets?
A: No! All you need to do is to simply add all your members addresses as guild members (safe owners)

Q: Can I delete my guild?
A: Yes, simply fire the flag(nft) removal function!

Q: Can Version 2 be funded first?
A: Versions here are for only workflow structure: (a) deploy a product, (b) analyse the data from real usage (c) improve the product

Option 1: Yes, Fund 27,500 DAI
Option 2: No, Do Not Fund

[AGIP 69] Securing Protocol Rewards - Operational & Funding Request

Author: AL #4105
GotchiID: 10504
Quorum requirement: 20% (9M)
Vote duration: 7 days
XP Reward: 20 XP for each Aavegotchi in the voter’s wallet
Discourse thread: https://dao.aavegotchi.com/t/dao-curve-transition-team/4676

Securing Protocol Rewards – Operational & funding request

CoreProp summary (important parts):

Buyback schedule specifications for buying $GHST protocol rewards outlined in AGIP65. This includes consideration of a non-linear 18-month buying schedule with a 2-month long multiplier for purchase amounts to coincide with the liquidity mining plan, and the funding of an automated smart contract to execute purchases with various features. More details below:


Per AGIP65 25% of the unlocked $DAI reserves from the retired Bonding Curve are supposed to be allocated for securing protocol rewards in the form of rarity farming rewards. To meet this goal, the CTT recommends internally developing operations standards for actually following through on this request.

1) Protocol Rewards Purchasing Program:

The main aspects voters should consider in this proposal involve establishing a buying schedule for $GHST as well as how to best execute purchases for the DAO.

Filling the rewards pool is proposed to start once the curve closes & operations are in place to buy $GHST, with a planned duration in mind of no more than 18 months to conclusion. We are also proposing that the DAO implement a non-linear approach to daily/weekly purchases.

For voters this would mean commitment to a 2-month long multiplier for every purchase, in line with the liquidity mining schedule outlined in AGIP67. We believe that this is the best way to quickly accumulate $GHST reserves and turn our stable assets into ecosystem rewards.

It is also recommended, but not proposed, to establish responsibilities within a long-term treasury management team for projection modeling to ensure that the DAO is closely following a buying schedule. There will be some aspects of maintenance in such a long-term program.

2) Smart Contract

The proposed smart contract will ensure a secure environment for buying protocol rewards while ensuring Foundation users have the tools needed to buy protocol rewards in $GHST.

This proposed tool will be designed by CTT member @Bearded Gotchi Vault, and will undergo review by members @Sudeep, @MaxiCrouton and other critical members prior to implementation for production.

The expected contract deliverable will have the following features available for its DAO users:

- Gelato automation tooling
- Ability to choose purchasing between different DEX pools for best rate discovery
- Adjusting the timing in between purchases & amounts of buybacks
- Toggling for slippage rate tolerance
- Automated reporting for accounting and proof of purchase

+ potential for future iteration and optimization development through the DAO bounty program or other funding opportunities.

Funding Request:

We are seeking a separate request of $5000 DAI (or $5000 worth of $GHST) to complete this contract as it will require ongoing maintenance and wasn’t anticipated in AGIP66 when the team was funded to conduct market research mainly.

Option 1: Yes, Implement Strategy
Option 2: No. Need More Discussion

XP Reminder

Your participation in Aavegotchi governance is valuable to the project and to your own Aavegotchis! Each Aavegotchi you own will earn 20 XP for your voting in each individual CoreProp. That’s 40 XP total if each of these proposals meets quorum! The XP is airdropped directly to your Aavegotchis in the week or so following the conclusion of the vote.

Your Aavegotchis earn XP regardless of whether you vote for or against any particular proposal.


Make sure you join the discussion threads before voting, as it is very important to hear any concerns that are not addressed in the original verbatim proposals. Once you’ve heard from both the bulls and bears it’s time to put your voting power to use!

AGIP 68 Vote
AGIP 69 Vote

Stay spooky frens,
Aavegotchi Team

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