New Map: A Slumbering Beast is About to Awaken
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New Map: A Slumbering Beast is About to Awaken


Gotchi Guardians, get ready, 'cause we’re turning up the HEAT!

Join us (at your own peril!) as we journey deeeeeep into the Gotchiverse to Mount Oomf, the fiery source of all FOMO within our spectral world.


Keep reading to learn everything there is to know about Mount Oomf, the second map in Gotchi Guardians.

A Dynamic New Map

The adventure begins just outside the collapsed cave entrance at the base of Mount Oomf, where our fire dinosaur awaits for a worthy foe!

As the flow of FOMO (lava) falls, Guardians get to explore the depths of this mighty volcano using ramps scattered across key areas of the map. With each round, Mount Oomf will throw unforeseen challenges including… the awakening of the Fomosaurus Rex!

A Formidable Foe: The Fomosaurus Rex

Driven by its insatiable greed for FOMO, the Fomosaurus Rex became trapped by a cave-in of its own doing. Now in a state of food coma, it lies dormant but not for long…

As rounds progress, the FOMO trapping the Fomosaurus will periodically drain until his warm cozy blanket receeds completely. Beware Guardians… once the Fomosaurus wakes up and realizes its eggs have been destroyed… it will chase down anyone and anything with deadly grumpiness!

While being big and stumpy makes it moves slowly, its high damage and thick hide make it a formidable foe.

Surviving the Fomosaurs is not for the faint of heart. Players will need to constantly kite it-keeping it at a distance while attacking or distracting it, allowing the towers to take it down.

Are you worthy of the FomosaurusRex Slayer Badge?

While it may seem impossible to kill it… maybe it’s not? Those that manage this improbable feat will earn the right to show off the FomosaurusRex Slayer Badge!

A Hot New Tower: Fomocano

The Fomosaurus Rex is not the only hot new player in town... The Fomocano is a fiery new tower specializing in AOE (Area of Effect) damage. While the time between its attacks can be quite long, when it finally strikes, the impact is devastating!

Its attack range is significantly higher compared to many of the other towers, making it a valuable addition to any defense.

Molten Impact

When the Fomocano detects an enemy within range, it initiates a charging animation. It then launches a large ball of molten rock from its top, which flies high into the air before landing on the feet of its target, dealing explosive AOE damage to all units in the vicinity.

Upon hitting the ground, the molten rock leaves a pool of magma that deals periodic damage to any enemy standing on it. This adds a lingering threat to the battlefield, continuously wearing down foes that step into its fiery trap.


As you level up the Fomocano, several key parameters improve:

  • AOE Damage: Increases the damage dealt when the molten rock hits.
  • AOE Size: Expands the range of the explosive impact.
  • Molten Impact Damage: Enhances the periodic damage dealt by the magma pool.
  • Molten Impact Zone Size: Enlarges the area affected by the magma.
  • Tower Range: Extends the attack range of the Fomocano.

Special Upgrade: Mega Eruption

Unlock the Mega Eruption ability, which activates only if at least five enemies are within range.

When triggered, the Fomocano channels a massive eruption, sending smaller molten rocks to random places on the path. These smaller rocks deal less damage and have a smaller AOE range but leave molten impact areas that deal ongoing damage.

This powerful ability can only be fired once per combat phase, yes… it’s that powerful.

Think you can handle the HEAT?

Download Gotchi Guardians TODAY and get ready to face the fiery challenge of the Fomosaurus in Mount Oomf’s dynamic new terrain.

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