New Opportunities Are Dawning in the Gotchiverse! (2024 Roadmap)
Gotchiverse Roadmap 2024

New Opportunities Are Dawning in the Gotchiverse! (2024 Roadmap)


The Gotchiverse is the onchain home of our Aavegotchis. Unlike the real world from which they were born, the Gotchiverse is a realm of abundance, where scarcity is rare.

Ironically, this has made the Aavegotchis more competitive, not less. 

Free from material concerns - except for the threat of another Lickquidator invasion - Aavegotchis love to engage in friendly competitions, earning clout while also sharpening their combat skills for the inevitable day of reckoning. 

Spirit Force Arena, a Gotchi-vs-Gotchi (GvG) experience, is the first of these simulations developed by the Gotchi Scientists, but it is just the beginning…

Let us put aside our earthly concerns for a moment and take a glimpse into the future of the Gotchiverse and the Aavegotchi Gaming Console. 

After all, “Life is Better in the Afterlife!”

Opportunity Awaits

As part of their campaign to attract more human sympathizers to their cause, our Gotchi Scientists have dedicated the past year to upgrading the firmware of their OS to support a more immersive three-dimensional experience. 

With this significant effort nearly complete, they are ready to begin once again welcoming humans into their onchain realm, facilitating cooperation with their aavesome frens. 

The 3D Gotchiverse is almost here!

Farming in 3D

Our Gotchi Scientists’ first priority is to bring Parcel Farming online in 3D, focusing on numerous adjustments and improvements to make the experience more seamless, intuitive, and social. 

In initial releases, Parcels will stand in isolation, not interconnected or traversable. However, everyone will have access to all Parcels directly from the main Gotchiverse landing screen. 

Initial conversion of REALM Parcel into 3D (WIP)

This release is just the warm up act for the main event to the pièce de résistance of the Gotchiverse 2024 roadmap: The Great Battle Simulator

Let the Great Battles Begin

Aavegotchis love playing games with their frens.

But you know what they’re scared of? Lickquidators.

Remember, Aavegotchis used to worship Lickquidators. That was before they realized the Lickquidators weren’t their benevolent creators – they were angels of death coming to lap up every last bit of yield they could get! 

You cannot imagine how deep Lickquidators have penetrated the psyche of the Aavegotchis. 

Lickquidators don’t just live rent-free in Aavegotchis’ heads.
They are the landlords.

Which is why the best, brightest, and most paranoid of the Gotchikin have teamed up to create the ultimate simulation of their biggest nightmare – the invasion of the Citaadel by their greedy robot overlords. 

They call it the “Great Battle Simulator”.
(But it just as easily could be called “Prepper’s WORST Nightmare comes true”.)

Internal Concept Art for Great Battle Simulator

Introducing the Great Battle Simulator

Great Battle Simulator (GBS) is a cooperative, team-based PvE survival game where a team of Aavegotchis defends against an onslaught of hungry Lickquidators trying to lickquidate the Parcel’s Altar. 

Every match of Great Battle Simulator takes place on a specific Parcel in the Gotchiverse, with the outcome of the match influenced by player skill, parcel location (District, boosts, neighboring parcels) and parcel layout (Installations, Tiles). 

The goal of the game is to reach a "New ATH" on a given parcel by scoring the most points.

Great Battle Simulator is the first parcel-based minigame in the Gotchiverse, and aims to be an “Omni-game” that uses nearly all aspects of the Aavegotchi ecosystem – Aavegotchis, Wearables, Parcels, Installations, GHST, Alchemica, GLTR, and even FAKE Gotchis cryptoart. 

The game starts out small, with only single Parcels involved, but over a series of distinct releases it will grow into full district-wide battles, and ultimately in the future, the real Great Battles. 

Just like this image, Great Battle Simulator will evolve in complexity over time

Onchain Loot Mechanic

Note: This mechanic is highly experimental and will likely change based on performance and player feedback!

Our Gotchi Scientists are intent on turning their Gotchikin brethren from Farmers into Fighters, and thus are offering juicy rewards for those who excel at competing in the various Gotchi Games, starting with Great Battle Simulator.

Players will be rewarded with Loot Chests containing various assortments of valuable items, both in-game and onchain. From humble prizes such as potions, Alloy and Essence all the way up to Godlike Wearables, the loot pool will be refilled periodically with tantalizing new prizes. 

Multiple factors will affect the Loot, such as:

  • A given player’s performance in the match, including whether or not a new ATH was made on the Parcel
  • The presence of certain Drop-rate boosting Installations (such as Golden Altars)
  • Whether the player is using an offchain Aavegotchi Champion or onchain Aavegotchi
  • Attributes of the Aavegotchi playing the match
  • Optional contributions to the Loot Pool at the beginning of the match
UI Mockup of the Onchain Loot Explorer

The Loot Pool is a pool of GHST tokens earmarked for purchasing Loot from the Aavegotchi Baazaar for the specific purpose of being included in Loot Chests. By contributing to the pool, players can increase their chance of dropping better loot in a victorious match. Of course, success is never guaranteed!

UGC Go Brrrr

Gamification represents a large part of the Gotchiverse roadmap, but our Gotchi Scientists recognize Gotchis’ and humans’ innate desires to beautify and transform their landscape, and to make new frens within their social space. 

Various social and user-generated content (UGC) initiatives are being considered for 2024 and will be prioritized based on player feedback, bandwidth, and their impact on the Gotchiverse economy:

  • A dapp for creating custom tiles that can be equipped on parcels in the Gotchiverse
  • Platform-generated and user-generated AI-powered NPCs for questing
  • A process for creating 3D onchain collectibles that can be minted and sold on the Aavegotchi Baazaar and equipped on parcels or in Lodges in the Gotchiverse
  • Tools that can be used by land owners to create new parcel-based minigames (like GBS)
  • The Gotchi Lodge, a social hangout space for guilds in the Gotchiverse

Ultimately, we are building this together with you, so once the economic layer of the Gotchiverse is established, we’re excited to delve into more experimental features to help make the Gotchiverse truly yours.  

Which of the elements above are you most excited about? Leave your feedback in the Aavegotchi Discord!

Beyond the Citaadel

If 2023 was a year of transition for the Gotchiverse, 2024 is the year of fruition. We are entering uncharted territory as the first metaverse to truly gamify every piece of Land, creating the foundation for truly unprecedented economic discovery.

That said, our focus in 2024 will be on developing the Citaadel. We have a ton of work to do and an ambitious roadmap ahead of us!

Other games such as Gotchi Guardians have begun exploring the Grid

Luckily, we’re not alone. Other games such as Gotchi Guardians, Licky’s Escape, and other community-built games such as Dropt and Strategotchi have begun exploring the world beyond the Citaadel. 

All of these explorations will inform what ultimately becomes the Grid once the Citaadel doors finally open. But for now, let us be content with devmaxxing the Citaadel and leaving no pixel unturned! 

Final Thoughts

Our vision for the Gotchiverse is to create a “gaming-centric metaverse with an onchain economy” – a shared virtual home for Aavegotchis with a strong underlying game loop that powers supply and demand in the onchain economy. 

There is no recipe for a “perfect” metaverse, but we strongly believe the three key ingredients are gamification, customization, and socialization. These elements form the foundations of Gotchiverse, and we look forward to developing them together with you throughout 2024 and beyond.

LFGotchiverse 2024! 🚀👻🚀

Stay aavesome frens,
Pixelcraft Team