1v1 Dueling for $GHST is now live on Base!

1v1 Dueling for $GHST is now live on Base!


Starting today, May 29th, you can stake your GHST and face off in one-on-one battles for real crypto in a whole new game mode—powered by Base!



Play a duel in the first week of launch to unlock the Spirit Force Week 1 Badge and prove you were there before Aavegotchi scaled from smol GHST wagers all the way up to millions of GHST wagered daily.

How to Duel

Download the Game

First, download Spirit Force Arena from the Aavegotchi Game Center or Hyperplay and connect your wallet.

Create or Join a Match

Once you’re in, choose Duels mode, select an Aavegotchi (if you own one) or a Champion (if you don’t), and spin up a room.

Currently, anyone eligible in your selected division can join the match. There are eight divisions in total, ranging from Ensign to Colonel. For those with Aavegotchis, you can create a match in whichever Division your Aavegotchi ranks in. For those without one, you will start in the Ensign division and fight your way up.

Get randomly matched against another player or join a private arena to duel against your favorite Gotchigang frenemy and settle those long-standing grudges. 

Stake GHST

Get ready to duel! If you don’t have GHST already, you’ll be prompted to deposit GHST into Spirit Force Arena via the “Deposit GHST” dialog. 

These amounts are small during this early alpha stage, but once our system is fully battle-tested, they will increase. For the time being, the minimum per-match stake is 0.1 GHST, with the maximum set at 1 GHST. 

Note: GHST deposits are exclusively supported by Base. If your GHST is on Polygon, you can bridge via Superbridge or fast bridges like DeBridge.

You can also swap for GHST using Aerodrome, Uniswap, or any Base supporting DEX aggregator.


Try your best to defeat your opponent. To help you in your battle, you may bring in HP/AP Potions and Protolick drones.

Don’t have any? The best way to earn potions and Protolicks is by leveling up your Aavegotchi Gaming Profile.

Come At Me Fren

Pumped to start dueling? Download Spirit Force Arena, grab some GHST on Base, and find us in the Arena. 

Glory awaits you degen-san!

Stay aavesome based frens,

Aavegotchi Team