The Gotchiverse Gets its First Taste of Combat: Aarena Preview Launching this December

The Gotchiverse Gets its First Taste of Combat: Aarena Preview Launching this December


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PVP combat is coming to the Gotchiverse with the highly anticipated Gotchiverse Aarena!

From Farmers to Fighters

At their core, Aavegotchis are humble farmers who enjoy tending their Gotchiverse land and earning a modest yield. However, with the threat of Lickquidators looming, it’s time some Aavegotchis put down their pitchforks and learned some self-defense.

What better way to improve their battle skills than by entering the Gotchiverse Aarena, the Gotchiverse’s first evar official PVP combat experience!

Get ready to test your combat skills as we prepare to roll out the first preview of the Aarena Friday, December 16th.

Enter the Aarena

The evolution of combat in the Gotchiverse is coming full circle! Early stress tests featured rudimentary PVP combat with Gotchis shooting heart shaped projectiles at one another. More recently, players got a taste of PVE during special events like the Paampkin Smash and the Tooorkey Chase.

All of this buildup leads to the often teased, but yet to be announced Aarena. Yet to be announced until now, that is!

The Aarena is sure to take any Gotchi from humble farmer to valiant fighter, while providing an ebic gameplay experience for anyone who owns or borrows one! Prepare to test your combat mettle against other members of GotchiGang.

Prepare For Battle

The Aarena is a massive multi-player gaming experience where Aavegotchis fight each other in real-time for glory and, of course, rewards!

Aarena combat will feature various modes of combat utilizing Wearables/Weapons native to the Aavegotchi protocol. Initially, Aarena combat will consist of simple FFA combat, but over time more modes will be added. The integration of Wearables/Weapons will be fleshed out as we develop the Aarena, hand-in-hand with the AavegotchiDAO.

When an Aavegotchi is defeated in the Aarena, anything in their Gotchi Bag (in-game inventory) will spill onto the map around their slain spirit, and the victor’s kill count will increase by 1 on the Aarena’s leaderboard.

In order to leave the Aarena with its earnings in tact, an Aavegotchi will have to satisfy three requirements if it is not alone:

  • At least three minutes spent in the Aarena
  • Not taken damage in 15 seconds
  • Defeated at least one other Gotchi

The Aarena will, of course, be jam-packed with innovative features unique to the Gotchiverse.

Let’s check them out!

Gotchiverse Aarena Features


Always-On Aarena will be a 24/7 FFA where Aavegotchis can battle and hone their skills! It is free to join, and players can enter by traveling to a designated landmark in the Gotchiverse, or by clicking the Aarena logo on the spawn screen.

Live Tipping

The Aarena’s tipping feature will allow Observooors watching the action to tip the combatants with Gotchus Alchemica or other ERC20 tokens. Tips will be distributed evenly throughout the Aarena, and tippers will get their names featured on a leaderboard for all to see. Combatants can collect the Alchemica by simply walking over it, but they’ll have to remain alert of their surroundings!

Elo Leaderboard

An elo leaderboard will be implemented to track performance in the Aarena. The leaderboard will track rating by both Gotchi ID and Wallet Address. Enter the Aarena and battle your way to the top!

Cold Landing/Hot Landing Spawn

When spawning into the Aarena, players will be able to choose whether they want to spawn into a cold landing zone or a hot landing zone. A cold landing spawns your Gotchi in a chill place with low Gotchi density, while a hot landing spawns your Gotchi in an area right in the heart of the battle with high Gotchi density.


NFT Displays will be in the Aarena. Sponsors can buy the right to display their art or use it for marketing purposes for a limited time.

Private Instances

Want to settle a grudge away from the hustle and bustle of the public sphere? Spin up a private instance with custom parameters tuned to exactly your style, including teams, number of fighters, duration, and much moar. Private instances have a minimum entry fee which feeds into the prize pool, and tickets can also be sold for spectators to watch the fight.

NPC Enemies

Players in private aarenas and the always-on aarena may have to fend off NPC Lickquidators as well! In private arenas, the owner can set whether or not to include NPCs. In the always-on aarena, observooors will have the ability to pay to summon enemies onto the battlefield to spice up the action.


Tournament play allows for a number of new game modes to appear! Examples of potential tournament styles include 1v1, team tournaments, Battle Royale, Capture the Flag, and tons of other possibilities!

As we develop the Aarena, these features, and moar, will roll out over four releases. Read on for the Aarena Roadmap!

Aarena Roadmap

The Aarena will release in four versions, with each adding new layers of gameplay and combat capability.

v0 (Aarena Preview): Gotchi Traits & Always on Aarena

The initial test release for v0 will be live from Friday, December 16th to Monday, December 19th. The first test will allow for some ebic Aarena fun before the holidays, while giving our based devs some valuable info as we move towards a public stable release in January.

Tipping will not yet be included in the December preview.

v1: Wearables & Sponsors

V1 introduces Wearable abilities, Godlike auras, the Elo leaderboard, in-game Sponsors, and more Observooor interaction.

v2: Private Aarena

V2 introduces Private Aarenas that can be spun up by anyone to create a customized battle experience and sell tickets to spectators. NPC Enemies will also be introduced in this release.

v3: Tournaments

V3 introduces new Battle Modes such as Battle Royale and Capture-the-flag, and Tournaments with prize pools for the winners.

Ongoing: Balancing

Throughout all of these releases, expect lots of tuning to battle mechanics, trait values, and other elements as we move from the Alpha stage to a more mature public Beta.

Player input and input from AavegotchiDAO is key as we work together to create a fun game that all in the community can enjoy and be proud of.

This is the power of community-driven game development, and we at Pixelcraft Studios are excited to unlock its potential!

Be sure to follow us on all social media and join us on Discord for all the latest updates as we roll out the Gotchiverse Aarena!

About the Gotchiverse

The Gotchiverse is Pixelcraft Studio’s flagship title that celebrates the best of blockchain technology. The metaverse is built on Aavegotchi, an open-source, community owned, NFT gaming protocol that unlocks true asset ownership for gamers. In this spirit, The Gotchiverse is co-created with direct input from the community via AavegotchiDAO. Summon your first Aavegotchi today and meet us in the Gotchiverse!

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