Aavegotchi July Update

Aavegotchi July Update


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Based Devs never stop shipping! Here’s what we accomplished in July:

Gotchiverse Farming Release

Farming is now live in the Gotchiverse! Players can now survey their parcels and craft and equip Haarvesters, Reservoirs, and Maaker Bots to optimize their farming operation. The launch of farming was celebrated by hundreds of members in the Aavegotchi Discord server with an XP event/paarty. Enter the Gotchiverse now and check out the Farming Release for yourself!

Rarity Farming SZN 4 Begins

Rarity Farming SZN 4 has begun! The season officially started on July 28th, with the first on-chain snapshot happening two weeks later on August 11th. This season will reward a total of 1.5M GHST to the top 7,500 Aavegotchis across the categories of Rarity, Kinship, and XP. Remember frens, take care of your Gotchis and they’ll take care of you! For more information, see our blog.

Gotchiverse Docs

The official Gotchiverse Docs are now live! The docs are loaded with information, tutorials, guides, crafting recipes, and even some choice bits of lore. Moving forward the docs will be the go to source for all fully confirmed information about the Gotchiverse.

The Aavegotchi Protocol continues to find new ways to implement Chainlink’s on-chain random number generator, VRF. The recent Farming Release saw yet another implementation, with players surveying their Gotchiverse land and calling upon the function to determine the amounts of Gotchus Alchemica beneath the surface. For more information on Aavegotchi’s use of Chainlink VRF check out our blog post.

Aavegotchi’s 2nd Birthday

Aavegotchi’s 2nd Birthday was July 8th! The GotchiGang celebrated with a party and XP Event at the Saturday weekly hangout on July 9th! The party featured good vibes, lots of alpha, and Alchemica spillover in the Gotchiverse. Follow us on Twitter for updates on future community events.

GotchiGang at CoinGecko’s GeckoCon

GotchiGang was well represented at this year’s GeckoCon! Lead-Summoner gldnXross gave an awesome keynote on DAOs for games, while Director of Marketing Gravy and Social Media Manager Big Flex gave live demos and held discussions in the Aavegotchi lounge. Follow us on Twitter for updates on future conferences.

GMI Guild Summit

The first evar GMI Guild Summit took place in the Gotchiverse in July! The event featured the ability to spawn directly on the GMI Estaate and eight hours of discussion with guild leaders, builders, and creators. Click here to check out lead-summoner gldnXross kicking the event off with a keynote.

Offers Coming Soon to the Aavegotchi Baazaar

Offers are coming soon to the Aavegotchi Baazaar! Users will easily be able to send and accept GHST offers for Aavegotchi assets. Price discovery and liquidity incoming! Click here to watch our teaser video on Baazaar Offers.

Aavegotchi X Freckle Trivia

Aavegotchi is partnering with Freckle to bring you a week of spooky web3 trivia! Several awesome Aavegotchi NFT prizes will be up for grabs, including a Haunt 1 Gotchi to the grand prize winner. The fun begins on August 8th. For more information see our blog.

Pixelcraft Studios Dev Highlights

Baazaar Update

Three new NFTs have been added to the Aavegotchi Baazaar! You can now buy and sell the Graand Fountain, LE Purple Grass, and LE Cyan Grass. Click here to browse the Baazaar now.

Parcel Access Rights

Parcel access rights are now live! You can now control access to key functions of your Gotchiverse REALM parcel with more granularity than ever before. Click here to modify the access rights of your parcels.

GLTR Update

A max GLTR button has been added to the Gotchiverse upgrade UI! Additionally, players can now speed up upgrades that are already in progress. Enter the Gotchiverse now and check out these improvements for yourself.

Pixelcraft Studios in June

The Aavegotchi maximalists at Pixelcraft Studios had a productive July, working hard to deliver the Gotchiverse’s long desired Farming Release. After a smooth Mumbai testnet experience, the ultimate in land parcel utility arrived with the ability to craft and upgrade various Alchemica harvesting equipment.

The coordinated efforts on infrastructure along with a growing frontend team (two more engineers added in July!) were key to the major feature release going so well. The various teams at Pixelcraft continue to work on their primary Q3 targets including Aavegotchi.com V2, Gotchiverse combat, traits, and more.

Pixelcraft concluded the month by welcoming another senior full-stack engineer to the Gotchiverse team. More on him and his work in the near future :)

July was another hot month of summer shipping for the Aavegotchi team! There’s even moar to come in August.

A Preview of August:

  • Rarity Farming SZN 4
  • Aavegotchi.com V2
  • Gotchiverse Updates
  • Much Moar

Stay spooky frens,

Aavegotchi Team

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