Aavegotchi June Update

Aavegotchi June Update


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What bear market? Aavegotchi is still here and still shipping, check out what we accomplished in June!

GotchiGang at NFT NYC 2022

Aavegotchi had a stronk presence at NFT NYC! Lead-Summoner gldnXross appeared on a number of panels throughout the week, and the team hosted an exclusive rooftop party for GotchiGang frens. Overall, lots of networking, learning, and fun took place in the big apple. Check the Aavegotchi twitter feed for some fomo-inducing highlights of the week!

Aavegotchi V2 Reveal

During the GotchiGang party in New York, we unveiled a first look at V2 of the Aavegotchi website! V2 will deliver new features, a fresh and intuitive layout, and powerful dashboards and analytics, making the dapp more enjoyable than evar! Click here to watch the full reveal.

GBM Auctions in the Baazaar

The most enjoyable event in crypto is coming to the Aavegotchi Baazaar! GBM Bid-to-Earn Auctions will be arriving soon, allowing anyone to start an auction with their Aavegotchi assets. Get ready for moar fun, moar liquidity, and moar winning. Check out our teaser vid for more info.

Aavegotchi X Wert

Sweeping the floor? How about swiping the floor! Fiat on-ramping is coming to the Aavegotchi Protocol. Thanks to our partnership with Wert, buying Aavegotchi assets will be easier than evar. For more information, check out our teaser video.

Crafting Wednesdays

Crafting Wednesdays are coming to the Gotchiverse! New Limited Edition NFTs will be coming to the Gotchiverse each Wednesday. These aesthetic only NFTs can be crafted using Gotchus Alchemica and will never be available again once their minting windows close. For all the details see our blog post.

LE Purple Grass #1

LE Purple Grass #1 is now live for minting. The first exclusive NFT to be released on Crafting Wednesdays can be yours for just 200 FUD and 5 KEK. Get it ASAP, as it’s only available until July 13th. Enter the Gotchiverse now and craft your own.

LE Mythical ROFL Rug

The minting window for the LE Mythical ROFL Rug has been closed, or should we say rug-pulled! The second exclusive NFT from Crafting Wednesdays is no longer available to mint. The final supply is 38 rugs, living up to its Mythical rarity.

LE Cyan Grass #1

LE Cyan Grass #1 is now live for minting in the Gotchiverse! The third exclusive NFT released for Crafting Wednesdays will be available for one month. Enter the Gotchiverse and craft yours for just 200 FUD and 10 ALPHA.

Binance Enables GHST Withdrawals on Polygon

The Aavegotchi Protocol is now more accessible than ever! Binance has enabled GHST deposits and withdrawals directly on Polygon. This means users will no longer have to bridge GHST purchased on Binance to engage in the Aavegotchi ecosystem. For more information on this major upgrade see our blog post.

Six CoreProps Passed

Six major CoreProps have met quorum on the official AavegotchiDAO Snapshot page. AGIPs 31-36 covering: the launch of Rarity Farming SZN 4, using DYST voting power to support vQI-QI on Dystopia, changing Harvester recipes, AavegotchiDAO <> Pixelcraft Studios 1.75M DAI Token Swap, delaying the 3rd LAND Auction, and utilizing the channeling “Hot Zone” have successfully been approved by the AavegotchiDAO. Remember frens, all Aavegotchis held in voting wallets receive 20XP for each proposal that reaches quorum. See our blog for all the details on these important proposals.

Gotchiverse Decorations Raffle

The first evar Gotchiverse Decorations Raffle has concluded! Up for grabs in the raffle were 36 gorgeous decorations that players can place on their Gotchiverse REALM land parcel. The raffle ended on June 12th, but you can still claim your prizes now if you haven’t already done so.

Pixelcraft Studios Dev Highlights

Unequipping Functionality Now Live

The dev team has shipped an update that enables players to remove Installations, like Aaltars, from your Gotchiverse REALM parcel. Keep in mind that removing aesthetic installations does not burn the NFT, but removing Aaltars burns it and returns 50% of the Alchemica spent on crafting and upgrading.

Decorations Live in the Baazaar

Decorations are now Tradable in the Aavegotchi Baazaar. They can be found under the Installations tab! Click here to browse the decorations currently up for sale.

Pixelcraft Studios in June

Aavegotchi’s core team shipped a lot of surprises this month, not the least of which was Aavegotchi V2 while in New York City. The theme guiding June’s efforts was expansion in every direction. In order to achieve such, Pixelcraft Studios is organized into multiple independent teams including the REALM team (building the Gotchiverse), Aavegotchi.com, and special project units. June was a month with significant developments across all teams.

The REALM team again leveled up with the addition of Mythical, the team’s new Project Manager. She has been busy leading the current dev cycle and ramping up for the next major release. The roster shifts but ultimately expands this month with Coyote, the team’s Frontend lead departing. We wish him the best on his next chapter. Meanwhile, we are excited to be joined by two new senior frontend engineers, Oliver and Paul. Interviews for additional Senior Game Programmers begin in the first week of July.

The Aavegotchi.com team was busier than most knew with the secretive V2 only recently revealed at NFY NYC. CryptoRich, the team’s project manager, was on hand at the NYC GotchiGang Rooftop party to reveal the beefy new dapp. S/O to Frontend Lead, Candoizo, who has been instrumental in the successful deployment of June’s key events such as the NFT decorations raffle. The team has recently added another UI designer and is working to squeeze in a few more powerful features before shipping!

Long in planning, a new special project unit formally kicked off this month known as [REDACTED].

Pixelcraft Studios is hiring!

  • Senior Game Programmer
  • Phaser Game Programmer
  • Frontend Engineer
  • Ambassador Program Lead

Email CVs to kopi@aavegotchi.com

Aavegotchi Community on Lens Protocol

Aavegotchi now has a community on Lens Protocol! Lens Protocol was created by the team behind Aave and is a composable and decentralized social graph that allows developers to launch web3 social media platforms. All Aavegotchi holders can mint their own Lens profiles! Click here to get yours.

June was packed with updates and alpha, and July will be more of the same, as GotchiGang summer continues!

A Preview of July:

  • Aavegotchi.com V2
  • Fresh Crafting Wednesdays NFTs
  • Gotchiverse Updates
  • Something Completely New!

Stay spooky frens,

Aavegotchi Team

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Compete for player rewards by earning XP, leveling up, and increasing the rarity of your Aavegotchi fren. Aavegotchi is governed by the AavegotchiDAO and the native eco-governance token GHST. Visit Aavegotchi.com today and join the future of DeFi-staked NFT avatars!

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