Aavegotchi NFT Raffle Tickets: Stake GHST, Earn FRENS, Win NFTs

Aavegotchi NFT Raffle Tickets: Stake GHST, Earn FRENS, Win NFTs


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Hey frens, here’s your official guide to Aavegotchi’s NFT Raffle Tickets. This guide will walk you through everything you need to know about acquiring and using Raffle tickets, as well as strategy behind our famous NFT raffles.

How to Get Raffle Tickets

There are currently two ways to acquire Raffle tickets. The first is to stake your GHST tokens to earn “FRENS.” FRENS are points that are awarded to users who stake GHST. FRENS is not a token, it is a non-transferable balance within the Staking Contract.  Once you have some FRENS, you can convert them into NFT Raffle Tickets. To exchange your FRENS for tickets you’ll want to go to the Tickets page here, enter a quantity under your preferred ticket, and then click buy.

How To Get Raffle Tickets

The other way to get tickets is to simply purchase them in the Aavegotchi Baazaar, our NFT marketplace. Earning FRENS through staking can take some time depending on your GHST balance and staking method. With this in mind, you may elect to purchase tickets through the secondary market instead. GHST tokens can be used to purchase both Raffle tickets and Drop tickets. Prices vary depending on the type of ticket you want to purchase.

How to Use Raffle Tickets

Aavegotchi NFT Raffle Tickets can be entered into raffles for Wearables (ERC1155 NFTs), while Drop Tickets can be entered into NFT raffles for Portals and Gotchiverse REALM Parcels (ERC721 NFTs). Raffle Tickets come in the same rarity tiers as Wearables: Common, Uncommon, Rare, Legendary, Mythical, and Godlike. There is only one type of Drop Ticket. Below are the exchange rates for FRENS to tickets.

Raffle Ticket Categories and FRENS Required to Convert

To enter the tickets you’ve earned/purchased into an raffle, you will simply enter the raffle area. Once there, your tickets will appear on the screen. You will then input your desired quantity to enter the raffle, and then you will click to enter them.

Raffle Strategies

When it comes to Raffle Tickets, there are a couple of strategies. Which strategy you choose depends on your risk tolerance. Some people who prefer to take guaranteed returns on their tickets will elect to sell them in the Aavegotchi Baazaar. Those who enjoy taking a chance will enter their tickets into the NFT raffles.

There is definitely some easy GHST to be made by selling tickets in the Aavegotchi Baazaar. Although, the idea of winning a raffle for a Godlike item can be tantalizing. It all comes down to your personal preference!

Regardless of how you choose to make use of your Raffle Tickets we wish you the best of luck!

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