Aavegotchi October Update

Aavegotchi October Update


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The spookiest month of the year saw a number of scary good shipments delivered by the Aavegotchi team!

Gotchiverse Art Release

The Gotchissance is in full swing! The Gotchiverse Art Release featuring NFT Displays, Observooor Mode, and Bounce Gates went live on Thursday, October 20th. Enter the Gotchiverse now to experience this amazing explosion of creativity!

12 More FAKE Gotchis Revealed

12 more awesome FAKE Gotchis Summoning Works were revealed this month! Amazing designs from Rare Labs, VSTRVL, BasqKek, miguelgarest,  BearBrains, Rigo J Mortis, esVeeBee,  Cawito, Gotchi Bulls, BowtiedNerd, DigitalSword, and Javier Arrés round out the Summoning Works! See our blog for all of the FAKE artists and pieces revealed in October, and this tweet with the 21st and final!

FAKE Gotchis Launch

FAKE Gotchis has launched! The first Summoning Works have passed the queue and are now minted to the FAKE Gotchis collection as ERC721s. The Frenly Art Karmic Experiment is now live, click here to check out the Summoning Works and explore the site!

Gotchiverse Halloween Contest

The Gotchiverse Halloween Party featured an ebic parcel decorating contest and a massive 10k GHST prize pool! Six ebic Halloween themed decorations set the vibes and an awesome Pumpkin smashing PVE experience made this Halloween GotchiGang’s best yet! Click here for more info on the contest and check out the #halloween-contest channel in Discord to see all the entries!

AGIP 43 & 44 Passed

COREprops AGIP 43 and AGIP 44 met quorum and passed through the AavegotchiDAO. AGIP 43 for Adding DAO Liquidity to GHST-Alchemica pairs and AGIP 44 to Mint and Transfer 50 DAO Parcels and 4M FUD eq. of Alchemica to the DTF for Contributor Compensation were heavily supported by the DAO! Join the AavegotchiDAO discussion to stay up to date on the latest DAO activity.

Polygon Discord AMA With gldnXross

Lead-summoner gldnXross joined an awesome AMA in the Polygon Discord server. The AMA introduced some new frens to Aavegotchi, and of course included some alpha! Check it out here.

AavegotchiDAO Tooling Discussion With Dework

We hosted an awesome DAO Tooling Discussion with our frens from Dework in early October. The livestream was amazing and GotchiGang was blown away by Dework’s DAO project management dApp and bounty board. Click here to check it out for yourself!

AavegotchiDAO Tooling Discussion With FactoryDAO

We hosted Dr. Nick from FactoryDAO for an ebic DAO Tooling Livestream. The discussion focused on FactoryDAO’s extensive suite of dApps for building sustainable, decentralized organizations. Click here to check out the video of the discussion!

Mosaic Tiles Art Contest Prizes Sent

Over 10k GHST in prizes have been distributed to the winners of the Mosaic Tiles Art Contest! Thanks to everyone who participated and made this contest a major success. Click here to check out our blog post highlighting all of the amazing entries!

Aavegotchi Joins Quickswap’s VersaGames Gaming Hub Launch Party

Aavegotchi’s Director of Marketing, Gravy, joined an AMA hosted by CryptoStache alongside representatives from several other well known NFT Games. The event focused around the launch of the new Gaming Hub from Quickswap and VersaGames. Check out the AMA here!

Pixelcraft Studios Dev Highlights

The based devs were hard at work in October shipping a wide range of new features and bug fixes! A few of the highlights include:

  • Recipe book filters
  • Spawn select sorts now consistent through sessions
  • District list scrolling bug fix
  • Tile mouse clicking bug fix
  • Other bug fixes and optimizations

October was a spooky good month for GotchiGang, and November is set to be just as EBIC!

A Preview of November:

  • Gotchiverse Updates/Optimizations
  • FAKE Gotchis Cards Raffle
  • Much Moar

Stay spooky frens,

Aavegotchi Team

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