Introducing FAKE Gotchis: A Frenly Art Karmic Experiment
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Introducing FAKE Gotchis: A Frenly Art Karmic Experiment


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What do you see when you look into the adorable, enchanting eyes of an Aavegotchi?

Some see forgotten memories of their childhood;
others see a new kawaii fren eager for adventure;
others yet see a symbolic representation of their digital identity.

But no matter what feelings stir inside when you lock eyes with your spectral fren, there’s one undeniable fact about Aavegotchis – they are brimming with memetic potential!

Many in the Aavegotchi community have already begun to explore this potential. Talented artists such as Roxiano, VesperScribbles, Bin Laggin, Rigo Mortis, and of course the maestro himself Xibot, have channeled the Gotchi muse into their art, creating a wonderful tapestry of ambient expression around the theme of Aavegotchi.

What they’ve done so far is beautiful and should be celebrated – but frankly, it’s just the beginning!

We believe that Aavegotchis can weave themselves into the culture of crypto and the internet itself, as many symbolic figures have done before them.

That’s why we’re excited to announce the FAKE Gotchis collection – an official, community-driven art collection for Aavegotchi lovers and crypto artists to play, experiment, and of course, create ebic art.

Talented artists and God-tier memers have helped define Aavegotchi from the start.

What is “FAKE Gotchis”?

FAKE Gotchis is a community-driven cryptoart collection based around the theme of Aavegotchi and the wider lore of the Gotchiverse.

Inspired by the legendary Rare Pepes and “Fake Rares” cryptoart collection, the “FAKE” in FAKE Gotchis stands for “Frenly Art Karmic Experiment” – an acronym representing the intention of the collection to spread the good vibes of the Aavegotchi community far and wide.

FAKE Gotchis invites any artist in the world to create an official piece of Aavegotchi art that can be traded on OpenSea or the Aavegotchi Baazaar – the official marketplace of Aavegotchi.

Some features built into this innovative art project include:

  • Polygon ERC721 NFTs w/ Arweave on-chain storage (up to 100 mb)
  • 4% royalties (through & the Aavegotchi Baazaar) with option to stream to two wallets
  • Tradable at, the Aavegotchi Baazaar, and OpenSea
  • Up to 100 mints per work
  • Epic NFT drop events with GBM Bid-to-Earn Auctions support
  • Can be displayed in the Gotchiverse with in-game NFT displays
  • Ready to bridge to Ethereum Layer 1
FAKE Gotchi Cards are a key part of the Collection’s decentralized curation.

How to Mint a FAKE Gotchi

Using FAKE Gotchi Cards, you can publish your own works or collaborate with other artists.

FAKE Gotchis are a 100% community-driven art collection, meaning that anyone in the world can contribute their art, provided they follow a few simple guidelines.  

1. Make it Gotchis
All art submitted to the Fake Gotchis collection must have some thematic relevance to Aavegotchi or the greater lore of the Gotchiverse. Portals, Lickquidators, Alchemica, and of course Aavegotchis themselves are all great starting points.

2. Make it Frenly
No offensive or NSFW work will be allowed in the collection. Aavegotchis are frenly beings that love farming and shitposting with their frens, but even they have their limits.

3. Make it Original
All art submitted should be your original creative work – no copycats or low-effort imitations!

4.  Make it Burn!
To submit a Fake Gotchi, you must first acquire a Fake Gotchi Card (more on cards below). During the minting process, this card will be burned, and your entry will be entered into a queue, during which it can be flagged by community members for review.

FAKE Gotchi Cards

FAKE Gotchi Cards are an ERC-1155 NFT that enables you to mint a new ERC-721 Fake Gotchi NFT edition.  The act of burning a Fake Gotchi Card publishes one FAKE Gotchi artwork, minting up to 100 individual NFTs (editions) in the process.

There are a total of 2535 Fake Gotchi Cards – a nod to the EIP2535 Diamonds upgradeable smart contract standard that powers much of the Aavegotchi protocol.

The Queue

Once a FAKE Gotchi Card has been burned and the metadata submitted, it enters the Queue, where the community may review the contents of the art to ensure it follows the rules above.

If the submission is flagged by the community and sent for review by Pixelcraft Studios (later a special FAKE Gotchis Task Force), the artist may be requested to edit and then re-submit, in which case a new FAKE Gotchi Card will be minted and returned to the artist.

If the submission is determined to be of ill-intent, it will be rejected and the FAKE Gotchi Card will not be returned.

After five days, if the submission has passed the review, it can be confirmed by anyone on the blockchain, and the mints will be transferred directly to the publisher.

How to Get a FAKE Gotchi Card

A limited number of FAKE Gotchi Cards will be given to exemplary artists in the Gotchi community and the wider crypto space, to be published in tandem with the unveiling of the project.

(Gotchi community artists, click here to apply for a chance to receive a card upon collection launch!)

35 cards will also be given to Pixelcraft Studios, to be used for official partnerships.

The vast majority of cards will be distributed to the Aavegotchi community in two waves in late September:

Wave 1 – 1000 cards distributed to Gotchi owners, in terms of ranking on the Aavegotchi leaderboard

  • Top 334 Aavegotchis by BRS
  • Top 333 Aavegotchis by Kinship
  • Top 333 Aavegotchis by XP

Wave 2 – Drop Ticket Raffle for all remaining Fake Gotchi Cards

Holders of these Cards can burn-to-mint a Fake Gotchi NFT via the official FAKE Gotchis dashboard, hodl for another day, or even trade the Card in the Aavegotchi Baazaar marketplace. If the holder is not an artist themself, they can consider partnering with an artist while playing the role of publisher.

Aavegotchi art, there’s really nothing else like it!

For Artists Without Cards

The beauty of the Fake Gotchi Cards is how they allow growth and curation of a collection to happen organically. The community at Fake Rares figured this out first and they have shown how effective the cards approach can be. The relationships between creators and publishers is intrinsic to the design, so if you are an artist with an amazing work but no card, it is only natural that a fren will appear ready to collaborate.

That fren may be an individual but it is just as likely that you are approached by one of Aavegotchi’s creatively-inclined guilds or sub-DAOs. Guilds such as 8BitGG, The Portal Mages, and GMI have already been supporting Aavegotchi art so expect even more energy from them and others.

Let’s FAKE Gotchis (LFG)

Is this the most exciting undertaking of the Aavegotchi protocol since its inception? We certainly think so, but ultimately it’s up to GOTCHIGANG to make something special with these powerful new tools for creativity.

Let’s show the world the power of our collective Frenly Art Karmic Experiment!

Join The GotchiGang Party

It’s never too late to join Aavegotchi. Whether it's the tech, the gaming, governance, or art, there is always something new to experience. With Fake Gotchis, we aim to collaborate and realize a cryptoart collection that stands the test of time. Let’s create for ourselves and let’s create for our grandchildren, so that they too may know how based Gotchigang is.


About FAKE Gotchis

FAKE Gotchis is a grassroots crypto art collection built on the Aavegotchi Protocol. This official, community-driven art collection unlocks unlimited creative potential for Aavegotchi lovers and crypto artists alike.

Join the FAKE Gotchis movement today by getting your own FAKE Gotchi Card and designing an Aavegotchi themed piece. Artists without a FAKE Gotchi Card can join us in Discord and partner with a publisher!

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