Merry Gotchiverse! 4 New Holiday Decorations live for crafting

Merry Gotchiverse! 4 New Holiday Decorations live for crafting


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It’s the holiday season, and brand new Gotchiverse Decorations are dropping! This year we’re celebrating in the Gotchiverse with five brand new Christmas decorations to help you enjoy the most wonderful time of the year.

Four of the decorations will be craftable in the Gotchiverse beginning Wednesday, December 14th (TODAY). The decorations will be available to mint for two weeks, closing on Tuesday, December 27th at 2PM UTC.

Get Ready for a Christmas Raffle

A special fifth decoration, the Aangel Tree, can only be attained via a raffle on Saturday December 17 at 2pm UTC (during the Discord weekly hangout). There are only 25 Aangel Trees and increasing your chances of winning is straightforward: each time you craft one of the other four decorations, you will receive another entry into the raffle. We pull this information from the blockchain to make sure your wallet and the number of Christmas decorations crafted deliver you an equal amount of chances at the rare Aangel Trees. Happy minting!

Read on for more jolly-good ALPHA!

Holy Aesthetica!

Aavegotchis love celebrating the holidays with their frens. In order to help them get in the festive spirit Santa Gotchi has dropped off recipes for four Gotchiverse Christmas decorations!


Ready your Alchemica for:

Feelin’ Lit

Size: 2x2

FUD: 0
FOMO: 150
ALPHA: 250
KEK: 100



FUD: 200
FOMO: 450
ALPHA: 150
KEK: 50

Rednosed ROFL

Size: 1x1

FUD: 2,300
ALPHA: 350
KEK: 100


Size: 1x1

FUD: 800
ALPHA: 650
KEK: 80

Enter the Gotchiverse now and hit the crafting table! These decorations will be live for minting until Tuesday, December 27th but its best to mint them sooner than later, as Santa Gotchi has another trick up his sleeve.

O Aangel Tree O Aangel Tree

Size: 2x2

The staple of any Christma celebration is of course the tree! Anyone who mints a decoration between now and Saturday, December 17th at 9am EST / 2pm UTC will have a chance to win this extra-special fifth decoration!

All addresses that mint Christmas decorations by the designated time will be eligible to win the special Aangel Tree! Each decoration that you mint equals one entry for the Aangel Tree. Winners will be selected at the Saturday GotchiGang hangout in our official Discord Server via a third party off-chain randomizer. The results will be transparent and broadcast live!

Happy Holidays Gotchigang!

Four decorations are live for minting at now! Craft your favorites by Saturday, December 17th at 9am EST / 2pm UTC for a chance to win the Aangel Tree and by Tuesday, December 27th to get them before they’re gone 🔥

Happy Holidays GotchiGang 💗
The Aavegotchi Team

Enter the Gotchiverse

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