SNEAK PREVIEW - First 4 Exquisite FAKE Gotchis Revealed
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SNEAK PREVIEW - First 4 Exquisite FAKE Gotchis Revealed


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It’s happening frens — the Frenly Art Karmic Experiment known as FAKE Gotchis is about to commence, with a cast of world-renowned artists gathered around the summoning table.

We have consulted the Faarmer’s Almanac, and it told us that the FIRST WEEK OF OCTOBER would be an auspicious time to launch the collection, so launch we shall!

Contracts will be deployed…
Frontends will be updated…
And most importantly, of course, the ART will be published!

Soon, GotchiGang-natives alongside a group of some of the finest artists in cryptoart will help launch this fledgling art collection into orbit, past the moon, directly into the collective consciousness of humanity 🚀

So who’s ready to FAKE some Gotchis?

Introducing the Summoning Works

FAKE Gotchis uses NFT cards known as FAKE Gotchi Cards to cap the total number of works that can be contributed to the collection. Each Card represents one right to submit artwork by way of burning the card. A total of only 2,535 Cards will ever exist for this initial Diamond Collection of FAKE Gotchis.

The great majority of these Cards will be distributed via tried and true Aavegotchi community methods. Namely, a leaderboard snapshot where actual ranked Aavegotchis will qualify for the first 1000 cards and another 1500 cards via an on-chain Drop Ticket Raffle.

No luck on the Raffle? Find FAKE Gotchi Cards trading in the Aavegotchi Baazaar after distribution.

To launch the FAKE Gotchis collection into orbit, however, a significant amount of artistic powers must first be gathered. So in the hours immediately following contract deployment, a select few artists will join together and mint the first editions of FAKE Gotchi art – known as the Summoning Works!

The Summoning Works include pieces by established crypto-artists creating on Rare Pepes, Super Rare, MakerPlace, OnChainChain, as well as up-and-coming artists native to our beloved GotchiGang.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a proper Aavegotchi blog post without massive ALPHA being dropped, so let’s end this piece with a SNEAK PEEK of some FAKES coming on Day One! 🔥👀

FAKE: GM (Gotchi Mode)

Artist: XIBOT
Publisher: XIBOT
Supply: TBD

“GM (Gotchi Mode)” by XIBOT

The Chief Visionary of Aavegotchi himself, XIBOT, leads the Summoning with what he describes as, “a self-portrait meme that captures the vibes within.” FAKE Gotchis supports all varieties  of file types and XIBOT takes full advantage, bringing animated energy to his classic Pixelnaut embodied by the original Aavegotchi!

FAKE: Rite of Passage

Artist: Pepenardo
Publisher: 8bit Gamers Guild
Supply: 100

“Rite of Passage” by Pepenardo

8bit Gamers Guild has embraced the collaborative smart contracts offered by FAKE Gotchis to emerge as an early publishing powerhouse. Partnering with the one and only Pepenardo makes for an incredible launch combo. Portal Mages of the Gotchiverse will no doubt be entranced by the “Rite of Passage.”

FAKE: Aavegotchi Raid

Artist: Darkfarms
Publisher: 8bit Gamers Guild
Supply: 69

“Aavegotchi Raid” by Darkfarms

8bit GG hits again publishing with breakout artist Darkfarms. His prolific works have been among some of 2022’s most inspiring with a style distinctly his own. Darkfarms’s talents are evident when considering the range of crafts needed between works like “Aavegotchi Raid” and his pixelart based SMOWLz collection.

FAKE: Wish-Bish the Witch OG

Artist: Roxiano
Publisher: Roxiano
Supply: TBD

Wish-Bish the Witch OG by Roxiano

Roxiano is no stranger to Aavegotchi-themed art. Her ability to merge Aavegotchi traits with her own characters has propelled her to be one of the most popular artists in all of GotchiGang. Roxiano joins the Summoning by delivering an ode to the OGs starring her most famous character, Wish-Bish.

More to Come

The above sneak peek is just the beginning. Look forward to over a dozen more Summoning Works to be revealed between now and launch day!

Today we showcase both square and portrait works, but remember, FAKE Gotchis contracts also offer landscape works. There are so many talented artists and publishers yet to be announced so be sure to follow @FAKEgotchis on Twitter!

Read the original FAKE Gotchis blog post to learn more about FAKE Gotchis groundbreaking approach to creating collaborative art collections. It wouldn’t be Aavegotchi if we weren’t exploring crypto in new and exciting ways!

This all comes together with FAKE Gotchis launching near simultaneously with a MAJOR release for The Gotchiverse that is appropriately called, the Art Release. Soon, anyone will be able to enter the Gotchiverse to socialize and explore all the user generated creativity together. What’s more, parcel owners will be able to craft display cases to host FAKE Gotchi NFTs as well as events, galleries and more.

The stars align this October. The Summoning is upon us!

About FAKE Gotchis

FAKE Gotchis is a grassroots crypto art collection built on the Aavegotchi Protocol. This official, community-driven art collection unlocks unlimited creative potential for Aavegotchi lovers and crypto artists alike.

Join the FAKE Gotchis movement today by getting your own FAKE Gotchi Card and designing an Aavegotchi themed piece. Artists without a FAKE Gotchi Card can join us in Discord and partner with a publisher!

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