Terrifying! Adorable! Now here's how to get them!

Terrifying! Adorable! Now here's how to get them!


Eighteen new Wearable Schematics are hot off the presses, ready for forging 🔥

The wait is over, Gotchigang! Just in time for the holidays, we’re excited to present a special batch of Wearable Schematics, fine-tuned to balance the meta of wearable traits. 

Voted on by  AavegotchiDAO, these eighteen new Schematics fill the trait gaps in all six rarity levels, ensuring your Gotchi has the widest range of wearable combinations to choose from. 

Keep reading to learn how you can grab some of these fresh new threads for your Gotchis! 

Don't know what a Schematic is? View this Wiki entry for a quick explanation: https://wiki.aavegotchi.com/en/forge


40% Via Raffle, 60% via Geodes

In line with the method proposed in AGIP90, this new batch of Schematics will be distributed 40% via FRENS Raffle, and 60% via Geodes. 

IMPORTANT: AGIP90 also specifies that this should be the final FRENS raffle for Wearables:

The Forge Team proposes this raffle be the last traditionally tiered FRENS raffle. This means that Common-Godlike tickets purchased by FRENS will not be used again. They could be converted to Drop Tickets for a final Drop Ticket raffle to be determined later by Pixelcraft or the DAO.

This will likely not be the last FRENS Raffle, as future Raffles may still utilize Drop Tickets, but FRENS are effectively being phased out in favor of future GLTR Raffles. So don’t hold back! 


The Raffle will be held December 13-16 exclusively on https://dapp.aavegotchi.com. Beginning at 2:30PM UTC on December 13, it ends at 2:30PM UTC on December 16th, coinciding with the Aavegotchi community hangout. 

Be sure to join the hangout for an exciting reveal!

How To Enter

OG stakers of the GHST governance token likely still have Frens Points accumulated. If that sounds like you, consider turning those points into Raffle tickets to enter into the Raffle. 

Don’t have FRENS? You can always grab Tickets from the Aavegotchi Baazaar using GHST token. 

Now that we’ve covered the basics, let’s take a look at the designs up for grabs in this round!

The Designs

This round’s designs are unique in that not one, not two, but THREE artists were involved in the pixelcrafting process. The Forge team’s Oliver Spoon, Pixelcraft Studios’ Lead Visionary Xibot, and FAKE Gotchis artist SOJU all had their hand in crafting these works of aart. 

Special kudos to the Forge Team for their work identifying gaps in the Wearables meta and recommending specific trait bonuses to fill them. 

Without further ado, here are the new schematics and sets!

Starlet (3 Pieces)

Who doesn’t want to be a star!?

Wavy Hair (Common Head): NRG +1
Plastic Earrings (Common Face): NRG +1
Party Dress (Common Body): BRN +1

Engagement Farmer

Spreading good vibes throughout the ‘verse. 

Overalls (Uncommon Body): SPK -2
Lens n Frens Plant (Rare Pet): NRG +2, BRN -1
GM Seeds (Common Hand L): SPK -1

Gotchidator (4 pieces) 

Rekt a Lickquidator and kept its skin as a souvenir!

Lick Brain - (Rare Head): AGG +2, BRN -1
Lick Eyes: - (Rare Eyes): SPK -2
Lick Tongue - (Rare Face): SPK -3
Lick Tentacle - (Rare Hand): NRG -3 

Sandbox Seb (4 pieces)

The resemblance is uncanny.

Sebastien Hair (Legendary Head): NRG +2, SPK -2
Voxel Eyes (Legendary Eyes): NRG +1, AGG -3
GOAT-ee (Legendary Face): NRG +1, AGG -3
Sandbox Hoodie (Legendary Body): NRG +3, AGG -1

Faanged Gotchi (1 piece)

Watch out, this one’s teething!

Faangs (Mythical Face): +5 SPK

Block Scanner (1)

Scans the blocks, looking for opportunity.

Block Scanners (Godlike Eyes): NRG+6

Rofl Charmer (2 pieces)

To charm a Rofl, you must think like a Rofl.

Staff of Charming (Godlike Hand): NRG -4, BRN -2
Roflnoggin (Godlike Head): BRN -6


Each of the Wearable Schematics above will have a fixed quantity, depending on its rarity. Please consult the chart below for exact numbers. 

And remember, only 40% of these Schematics will be entered into the Raffle. The remaining 60% will be added into the Geodes, a new “mystery box” distribution method pioneered by the Forge team.

Geodes launching date TBD!

Final Thoughts

This is a great opportunity to spice up your Gotchi’s wardrobe right before the holiday season, and with Rarity Farming underway, the competition will be fierce! 

After you’ve grabbed some Schematics, remember that you’ll also need Alloy and the respective Core to complete the Wearable. 

For more information on how to use the Forge, check out this guide. 

May the VRF Gods shine upon you frens! GL HF.
Aavegotchi team