The Aavegotchi Land Rush: Valuing Virtual Land in the Gotchiverse

The Aavegotchi Land Rush: Valuing Virtual Land in the Gotchiverse


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October 13th 2021 marked the inaugural Gotchiverse land sale; a fitting date for our frenly ghosts. Since then, the Aavegotchi Platform has onboarded well over a dozen guilds from the play-to-earn space. Like the early days of the land rush, new players will be migrating to Aavegotchi on March 31st to see what the Gotchiverse has to offer. With so many land options available on the Aavegotchi Bazaar, it’s not easy finding your fren their first home. I have compiled a short guide of factors you may want to consider while shopping for a parcel.

The Gotchiverse is the metaverse space where Aavegotchis farm tokens, socialize, and play through a range of experiences built by the community and Pixelcraft Studios. The Gotchiverse Realm has two main areas; the Citaadel, which is protected bya fortress, and the Grid; where free-to-play NFTs, known as Lickquidators, may coordinate attacks on Aavegotchis to steal their precious Gotchus  Alchemica.

The safety the Citaadel provides for Aavegotchis carries a premium over parcels outside its walls as protection of parcels does come at a price in the Grid. This is important to keep in mind if you are looking to buy a parcel. It is unlikely that Citaadel parcels will be valued less than those out in the wilderness of the Grid.

There are four types of resources which can be mined from your land parcel. These elements of the Gotchiverseare ERC-20 tokens known as Gotchus Alchemica. Based on the parcel size you choose, there will be a range for each amount of Alchemica contained in your parcel. Average amounts of Alchemica based on each parcel size can be seen below. The actual amounts are determined by the size of your parcel, as well as a randomly generated function known as Chainlink VRF (not all amounts are identical).

Base Alchemica per parcel

In addition to the above points, there are three things you will want to keep in mind when buying your first parcel. These are the social value, token value, and location value. Of course, none of these are exact amounts or specify price, but will at least give you an idea if you are getting your money’s worth.

Social Value

Map of Gotchiverse Guild locations 

Are you going to be focused on Alchemica farming and hanging out with frens? Perhaps you are a social media influencer and would like to host events and gatherings on your parcel. Maybe you are part of a guild and would like to participate in their partner parcel events. All these things contribute to the social value of the parcel. In general, parcels will be more desirable in districts where guilds have already claimed land.  If you are a prominent media influencer you may want to look for an area which has high foot traffic, such as a roadside parcel, so it is easy to gather frens for your events. For the Alchemica farmers, any plot may do. So it’s best to look for the largest parcel at the cheapest price available.

Token Value

There are three sizes of parcel; Humble, Reasonable and Spacious. Spacious parcels are the largest and offer the highest token value for the money. Humble parcels offer a great entry point for someone looking to get started in the Gotchiverse. Reasonable parcels are somewhere in the middle, offering a larger token allocation than a humble, but not having nearly as much building room as a spacious parcel.

Colorful rivers on the Gotchiverse map represent Alchemica reserves which provide ‘boosts’ to your parcels. You will notice these land parcels carry a large premium on the price because boosts provide extra amounts of Alchemica, in addition to the surveyed Alchemica tokens in your parcel. These boosts come in different sizes which  will be indicated by the four Alchemica icons when you are shopping in the Bazaar.

Colorful areas adjacent to REALM parcels represent Gotchus Alchemica boosts

Location Value

The Citaadel is broken up into 49 sections known as districts. You will also notice the Citaadel has three layers of defense. Where your parcel is within those walls will determine how protected you are from the Great Lickquidator invasion. Parcels with more protection are generally more valuable than those with less.

Parcels located at intersections, next to main roads, or close to the four gates of the Citaadel will be more valuable because of the higher foot traffic and easy access. District 1 contains the Great Portal, where many Aavegotchis will spawn. The Great Portal is the center of the Gotchiverse, and you can expect anything inside the inner most walls to be prime real estate.

There are many factors to keep in mind when looking to buy a parcel. I hope these tips can provide some valuable insights while you are shopping at the Aavegotchi Bazaar.  Gotchiverse land will make up a large part of Aavegotchi gameplay and farming, so keep all the above factors in mind while you are shopping around.

That wraps up my overview of items I look for when valuing parcels of land. Before buying your first plot of land I recommend you check out chapters One, Two & Three of the Gotchiverse Bible. There are tools such as to help you filter criteria for parcels.  Be sure to check out some of the videos on my YouTube Channel Aavegotchi Pacific Chapter for more alpha! You can also find me on Twitter where we hold a live Twitter Space every Sunday at 7pm EST. Bring all your questions, see you soon frens!

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The Gotchiverse is Pixelcraft Studio’s flagship title that celebrates the best of blockchain technology. The metaverse is built on Aavegotchi, an open-source, community owned, NFT gaming protocol that unlocks true asset ownership for gamers. In this spirit, The Gotchiverse is co-created with direct input from the community via AavegotchiDAO. Summon your first Aavegotchi today and meet us in the Gotchiverse!

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