What Is A Metaverse?

What Is A Metaverse?


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The Future of the Internet

It is clear that the Metaverse is the future of the internet. Think part video game, part social media, with an interface suitable for hosting all of your favorite apps and games.

It’s the digital space that YOU, the user, own. Each project you come across is going to have different limitations to what level of control this ownership extends. Before you know it, you could be letting your friends order take out or watch your favorite streaming content from some of your own digital land.

The metaverse isn’t an extension of the internet, it's a new layer to the internet.

The Metaverse, while poorly defined, is one of the most innovative industries right now. But it won’t be poorly defined for long. While it remains obscure, it will be home to some of the most lucrative growth opportunities of our lifetime. That is, if you can filter through the usual buzzword noise and find projects that have proven track records of developmental success and strong communities.

It’s not inherently in VR or a worse version of Zoom. It is going to come in all shapes and sizes. Like the internet we have now, it will accommodate different types of users with unique content preferences.

The apps and games won’t all look like those we have now, but they will be enjoyable for those who use the internet for things like games, social media, information communication, online shopping and so much more. Of course there will likely be whole new industries that develop as a result of these innovations but most use cases will be similar to what we are already doing.

Cinematic view of Aavegotchi's Gotchiverse

A new Layer to the Internet

As I said, the metaverse is a new layer to the internet. Let's unpack what that means for a second. It’s a separate, but compatible stack of information that is typically in the form of a digital space or universe that can be occupied by any digital medium, i.e. all of your current favorite apps and activities.

What if you could post to your social feed inside a mobile game like bejeweled? Imagine this social feed was plugged into all of your apps, including the current app you are in. Perhaps the social feed is on the blockchain, maybe it's just in a traditional file storage architecture. The point is, your metadata can move from ecosystem to ecosystem, frictionlessly. This is what the metaverse is.

Digital Identity Reimagined

This article isn’t necessarily about blockchain or crypto, it's about metaverses. An integration of your digital footprint into one interface or identity. Similar to the way you log in with your Google account now, I suspect you will be able to log into a whole host of websites and applications with just your crypto wallet or your digital avatar.

Current applications and platforms already have forms of virtual identities and inventories now and blockchain technology has made public access to these inventories and arrangements of application used assets possible. This allows new products to be seamlessly built simply to interact with currently existing projects through compatible functioning.

Verifiable Asset Ownership

Saying that the Gotchiverse or the Sandbox is the metaverse is a bit like saying Google or Facebook is the internet. Users will be able to create, buy and sell goods that are interoperable with different or similar use cases. It’s all codable and, believe me, if you don’t build the tools someone will try it with time.

You might ask the question, “Doesn’t this already exist?” For example, World of Warcraft is a persistent world where players can buy and sell goods. Runescape is a browser based game where players can adventure through all sorts of different quest lines and experiences.

The difference is that crypto ethos metaverses are all about sharing with one another because it's the nature of the blockchain programming behind it. I don’t expect traditional tech companies and game studios to establish these mindsets on their own easily and thus will struggle to compete with the current marketplace emerging. Their systems and liabilities aren’t designed for it yet. Their mindset of what matters to users for a rich and engaging experience is dated.

All Roads Lead to the Metaverse

It means so much more to a community that gets to be involved in developmental decision making, especially when the potential exists to utilize some of their assets from other ecosystems. Applications like Aavegotchi’s Gotchiverse and others that cultivate communities of like minded holders around worthy objectives are going to be unstoppable in this future. It isn’t a matter of if people are going to want to be part of this, it’s a matter of when the masses are going to dive into the Verse.

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