Aavegotchi May Highlights
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Aavegotchi May Highlights


Henlo frens! 

Today, we are introducing a new series called “Aavegotchi Monthly Highlights” aimed at keeping busy frens aware of all the exciting updates happening in the Aavegotchi ecosystem. 

These recaps complement the Dev Updates as a quick way to catch up, while the Dev Updates themselves will now be released quarterly, focusing on roadmap and strategy. 

With that introduction out of the way, let’s take a look at all the aavesome updates that happened during May!

Spirit Force Arena: Duels - 1v1 Battles for Real Crypto

Spirit Force Arena, the official Arena of the Gotchiverse, introduced a new game mode called Duels, available exclusively on Base! [VIDEO]In this new mode, players can challenge their frenemies to one-on-one battles with stakes ranging from 0.1 to 1 GHST (higher stakes coming soon!). 


After connecting a wallet, simply create a match in one of eight Divisions, ranging from Ensign to Colonel. Owning an Aavegotchi results in an automatic ranking, while those without one start in the Ensign division and must progress through the ranks.We will continue to celebrate the launch of Spirit Force Arena: Duels until June 5th, so jump into the arena TODAY to earn the exclusive Week 1 badge to prove you were there!

Gotchi Guardians: Pirates! And… Aliens?

Gotchi Guardians had a massive update this month, introducing a new Guardian, The Pirate, and the mother of all Lickquidators, The Mama Ship!


The team also introduced a new camera mode that allows you to jump into the heat of the battle from any angle for a more immersive experience. You can now adjust the camera to better track the actions of your Aavegotchi and make better strategic decisions during the battle!

The update also includes several quality-of-life improvements such as expanded inventory and shop slots, balance adjustments, and enhancements to the end-of-match flow and input controls.

Walter… Who?

We had a special guest crash our Gotchi Guardians LIVE Dev Update this month - Meet WALTER!


That’s right, Aavegotchis have come to life! Well… kind of… as alive as a ghost can be! We will be seeing Walter around and have much more to share including how you, yourself can become a Gotchi for video calls or livestreams.

Stay tuned!


We’ve officially launched on GIPHY bringing you some epic Gotchis to help you express yourself!

A new one is dropping every week, so make sure to follow Aavegotchi on X.


Following the successful approval of Coderdan’s DAO proposal, a 1M GHST liquidity pool went live on Aerodrome, the top DEX on Base.


This move aimed to improve liquidity for GHST on Base by allocating $500K in both GHST and ETH into a liquidity pool on Aerodrome. Additionally, 100K GHST were added as flywheel incentives to encourage engagement with Aavegotchi on Aerodrome, rewarding veAERO holders for voting to increase AERO rewards for the GHST/ETH pool.

A Collector’s Item - Ripples of the Gotchiverse

Aavegotchis first graphic novel dropped this month: Ripples of the Gotchiverse.

In this novel, created by the Gotchi French Army and Illustrated by the talented, Stellarhobbes, join a young boy in a dystopian future as he embarks on an adventure beyond the Citadel's walls to uncover the truth about his grandfather's mysterious disappearance.

Those who owned a LEGENDARY Bushido item from the Aavegotchi and The Sandbox collection got one of the fifty printed limited editions. 

Gotchi Battler 1000 DAI Tournament

The Gotchi Battler tournament, which began on May 29th, is the first to take place with all the new features in place, including double elimination brackets, substitutes, and preparation rounds. 

With a 1000 DAI prize pool, the tournament attracted 445 teams and 2271 Gotchis. "Maxi Ogi" and "Nephews Jaay" went head to head in the final, with “Maxi Ogi” taking the win!

June will bring three new tournaments with an aggregated prize pool of 150K GHST—more details are coming soon!

That’s all for now, gang!

If you haven’t yet, join us in Discord to keep up with the latest updates, behind-the-scenes content, and ebic discussions.

Also, let us know what you think about these monthly recaps!

And as always…Stay aavesome frens!

The Aavegotchi Team