Gotchiverse NFT Gaming Guilds: 8bit Gamers Guild

Gotchiverse NFT Gaming Guilds: 8bit Gamers Guild


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We’re back with another edition of Gotchiverse NFT Gaming Guilds. This series of blog posts gives people a look into the minds and practices of some of the well-known guilds and organizations that call the Gotchiverse home!

In an effort to learn more about these guilds, we’ve compiled some questions for their founders/leaders. This edition of Gotchiverse NFT Gaming Guilds will highlight the 8bit Gamers Guild.


Q. Could you please give a brief introduction about your guild and team?

A. We are the 8bit Gamers Guild. We are an Aavegtochi Native guild, formed very early on when Aavegotchi Guilds were beginning to sprout up. Our goal is to become a Guild where new players and veterans can meet to become the best players in the ecosystem.

Our Guild is divided into two chapters. The main 8bitGG chapter is meant for veteran players, asset owners, creators, artists, and educators. Our purpose is to share our Aavegtochi knowledge with new players, create epic content, and other tools that are useful to Aavegtochi players.

Our other chapters are what we call 8bitGG Scholar Dojos. These Dojos are intended for players who are brand new to the game and don’t own any assets. Our goal is to educate them and give the best path to asset  ownership. These Dojos are region based to encourage local community development. Each has its own unique feel and style even though they are part of the 8bitGG family. Our first Dojo is currently open and growing in the Philippines.

We believe this organization is a major key to the success of our Guild. We foster a culture and place for the OG/Veteran Aavegtochi players to hang out and create. And then we take that information to the Dojos to bring players up to speed as fast as possible with all our collective knowledge. This makes them the most successful Aavegtochi players that they can be.

Q. How did you decide to join the Aavegotchi ecosystem and what’s your criteria when deciding to invest in or play a game?

A. Aavegtochi is 8bitGGs first journey into P2E gaming. What attracted us to Aavegtochi was the brand and the track record of the team. When we entered, there was quite a proven track record of delivering updates. Although the game was far from launching when we began our initial investment, the team’s communication and delivery was top notch by that point.

We really believe the brand is very powerful and memetic. In addition, they were pioneering things never before tried in the NFT space such as ERC-721s and locking up crypto that would yield to bring your Aavegotchgi to life. We found those things to be very innovative.

Q. How large is the guild right now (scholar, manager, members)?

A. Right now our main Guild has about 600 members in total. About 450 are scholars and the rest are asset owners and creators.

Our main leaders are Master Yin, Master Yang, Alvi, Hefe, and Datboy. All well known and respected members of the Aavegtochi Community.

Q. With heavy competition in the market, what commission proportion does the guild usually take?

A. For the playdrop we would award players anywhere between 50-65%. I believe these numbers will change significantly as different mechanics are released.  Remember, the playdrop was an initial distribution of the in game currency so it was a unique once in a lifetime chance. We believe with the land and alchemica channeling mechanics the rate will be more likely between 30-50% to the player.

Q. What’s the most difficult thing you’ve encountered as a guild?

A. The most difficult thing has been adjusting strategy as the game releases. Because Aavegtochi is just being released, the mechanics can change. Keeping up with those mechanics and how it affects the strategy of the guild has been challenging.

Q. What do you think of the Guild industry, especially with a lot of large guilds rising up like YGG? Do you believe there are still good opportunities?

A. I think P2E gaming is just getting started. When you compare it to the traditional gaming industry it is microscopic. I think P2E gaming will even go further in attracting new people into gaming that were not gamers before.Therefore, although we see giants like YGG forming and doing well, there is still a lot of opportunity.

Guilds are also something that can have strength from forming communities in real life. I believe as the structures of Guilds become more defined and the tools get created, we will actually see an explosion of more guilds.

Q. If you could describe Aavegotchi in three words, what would they be?

A. Innovative, fun, opportunity.

Q. What other games is your guild paying attention to lately?

A. None at the moment but we always are evaluating.

Q. When would the guild decide to drop out of a game? Are there any criteria for that?

A. This is a good question. Generally, if I saw the core team leaving development this would be a big red flag and would have me consider dropping out.

Another would be if the wrong individuals got control of the DAO and were steering the game in a bad direction.

Where to Find 8bitGG

In the Gotchiverse, you can find 8BitGG in District 11 of the Citaadel.

You can also find and join their community a number of different ways, including:


More Guild Coverage

Stay tuned frens, because we’ll be covering more guilds very soon! If you’re a guild manager we may be reaching out to you. To request a feature yourself please contact Mia Bao or Big Flex.

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