Gotchiverse NFT Gaming Guilds: BlackPool

Gotchiverse NFT Gaming Guilds: BlackPool


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Our frenly paartners at BlackPool have put together one of the most well structured guilds in the Gotchiverse. Let’s take a look at their inner workings and learn more about the Aapegotchis.


Q. Can you give a brief introduction about your guild?

A. BlackPool is a community-owned investment and management protocol for digital assets and eSports. We invest in games and corresponding NFTs to build competitive eSports teams where competition allows for financial returns. These performance-based income sources are then partly redistributed to our community via our veBPT system.

Q. How did you choose the name “BlackPool”?

A. That’s a secret ;)

Q. What are your criteria when deciding to invest in or play a game? Do these apply to Aavegotchi?

A. We invest in games that are built to last. We pay particular attention to the game design and tokenomics in the interest of a fun, sustainable game.

Q. Which games are you most active in right now?

A. Sorare, Sorare MLB, Cometh, Aavegotchi, and Immortal

Q. If you could describe Aavegotchi in three words what would they be?

A. Aesthetic, spooky, retro

Q. As a guild, what is the most difficult thing you’ve ever encountered?

A. Scaling the efforts of our data scientists and devs in a sensible way as to not waste resources while remaining ultra-competitive.

Q. What are your guild’s goals for the Gotchiverse?

A. Becoming the main guild in the Gotchiverse, making our Paartner Paarcel a must see in this spooky world. Taking care of other Gotchis and Lands  We are looking to make the Gotchiverse a fun place and plan on conquering the moon one day.

Q. Where do you see NFT Gaming in the next year?

A. Still in infancy, slowly finding its way into traditional games as a tool.

Q. What qualities does your Guild look for in a player? Are there any requirements in terms of time and hardware that they must meet?

A. We are looking for people that are looking to be the best but also that are willing to help each other. There is no specific time or hardware requirements regarding Aavegotchi.

Q. Do you offer incentives or competitions for players beyond an established profit split?

A. Yes, we are progressively setting up KPIs and bonuses.

Q. When would your guild decide to drop out of a game? Are there any criteria for that?

A. We have to remain financially stable to reward our token holders appropriately so we must drop out of games where the returns do not match the needed resources. Of course we still like to remain involved with good games even if we don't necessarily play them. That’s why we have an advisory arm.

Q. Which upcoming Gotchiverse developments are you most excited about?

A. We are very excited about the upcoming PvP and PvE, that is where good guild strategy and communication will triumph.

Q. How do you educate your players and keep them informed on updates/changes to the Gotchiverse?

A. We are communicating through Discord and we are building resources that they can access on our Notion.

Q. Where can people connect with you to join?

A. Whether you're experienced or a newbie and feel seasoned to join and help grow the Aapegotchis, you are welcome to assemble under the BlackPool flag!

Connect with us on Discord:
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Where to Find BlackPool

In the Gotchiverse, you can find the BlackPool Aapegotchis and in Citaadel Districts 1 and 18! Their Paartner Parcel is located in District 1.

You can also find and join the BlackPool community on:

More Guild Coverage

Stay tuned frens, because we’ll be covering more guilds very soon! If you’re a guild manager we may be reaching out to you. To request a feature yourself please contact Big Flex.

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