Gotchiverse NFT Gaming Guilds: Los Mustachos

Gotchiverse NFT Gaming Guilds: Los Mustachos


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Enter the Gotchiverse with Los Mustachos! An OG Gotchiverse Gaming Guild focused on having fun and making frens. If you have a mustache Wearable then Los Mustachos is the guild for you! But don’t worry, they accept everyone if you haven’t gotten your mustache from the Baazaar yet. Read on for an inside look at how Los Mustachos operates and for the scoop on their big plans for the Gotchiverse.


Q. Can you give a brief introduction about your guild and team?

A. Los Mustachos seeks to bring Aavegotchi the very best that old school MMORPG guilds offered 20 years ago. We think it’s cool that many guilds have focused on the business side of things, but it is a non-existing focus for us. We seek to be like those smol guilds from the early MMO era where players end up becoming as close as family... the kind of social space where you can’t wait to jump in after a long day of work to play for a couple of hours with your buddies in the ‘verse.

Los Mustachos is also an experimental community that seeks to challenge the notion that guilds or groups of people should be from the same ethnic backgrounds united under one language. Spanglish ends up being a more accurate definition of our language, and we thrive in the constant confusion of whether we are a spanish guild or not. We are proud of the fact that we have recruited many new members to Aavegotchi through personal referrals, instead of relying on the existing community for our membership. There are notable guild members that have acted as admins or contributed in different ways since inception, including Count of Monte Cristo, El Coco-no, Aaaargh, Artcore, Bigotes, Archos, Backfire Capital and the list goes on. We are also what you may call a feminist guild - we believe that no community is healthy and complete without women, and we treasure the ladies that round out all our hang outs and guild events: Pandora, Aladelta, Catwoman, Pitu and others. Don’t let the facial hair fool you, our guild is more diverse than most!

Q. How did you choose the name for your guild?

A. The Imperial Moustache was always a favorite - so much versatility and utility while adding so much personality to your gotchi. The guild had already started informally through me trying out the first ambassadors program - at the time, I was already onboarding friends and family who were curious about my excitement for Aavegotchi, and I figured I might as well get some XP for it.

Once they came out with some guidelines for Aavegotchi guilds, and suggested centering guilds around a wearable, I realized I wasn’t interested in being an ambassador in the way of making Youtube content (big respect for those that do), and realized I just wanted a digital fam to enjoy the game with. The Imperial Moustache was chosen as the guild wearable, because of its awesomeness and the fact that budget concerns would be less restrictive for any aspiring members than if we had picked pricier wearables. Since most of the initial members spoke Spanish… Los Mustachos was just a no-brainer of a name for the guild.

Q. Why did you decide to join the Aavegotchi ecosystem and what is your criteria when deciding to invest in or play a game?

A. Many of our members are players from older generations of MMO’s and have battle scars to show in the way of broken dreams and wasted time playing centralized games which are eventually ruined by nerfs and other decisions that antagonize core users. It is our hope that the DAO structure of Aavegotchi will prevent the same issues from happening all over again.

Q. How large is the guild right now? Are you actively expanding?

A. Our discord has 500 members currently, but we probably have 30 core guild members, give or take. We don't think in terms of expansion or not, we think we are a niche enough community that will remain small. Being a vibe and a concept, more than an actual guild…will just continue to attract like minded souls at a moderate pace, and our doors are always open for those kind of frens.

Q. Which games are the biggest investment of the guild right now?

A. We are Gotchi maxis. We play discord games to kill time before aarena.

Q. When would the guild decide to drop out of a game? Are there any criteria for that?

A. Unilateral nerfs or profit-first actions that repeat the heartbreak of older games. Hopefully the DAO structure will prevent this from ever happening.

Q. With heavy competition in the market, what commission proportion does the guild usually take?

A. 0%, we are not a business or corp in any way shape or form.

Q. As a guild, what is the most difficult thing you’ve ever encountered?

A. The experimental nature of the space we’re in. Changes in projections of what the game actually is or will be. Delays of the game and the bear market have hurt the enthusiasm of our members.

Q. If you could describe Aavegotchi in three words, what would they be?

A. Pokemon meets Tamagotchi meets web3 (that is 5 words ser 😂)

Q. What aspect or feature of the Gotchiverse are you most excited for?

A. Guild lodges! Arena! Pvp! Dungeons!

Q. What are the guild’s goals for the Gotchiverse?

A. To be a force to be reckoned with out on the field. (One moving mass with lots of facial hair).

Q. Where do you see NFT Gaming in the next year?

A. High growth from here until then.

Q. What qualities does your Guild look for in a scholar? Are there any requirements in terms of time and hardware that they must meet?

A. We don't think in terms of scholars. We recruit owners and renters alike and they make their own deals once they get to know each other. We currently try to provide as many free Gotchis to our guildies on Saturdays as possible, with a focus on fun for all more than profits.

Q. How can scholars contact you about joining?


It Pays to Be Early

Like all things in crypto, it pays to be an early member of Los Mustachos. The Founder’s Chips NFT is available to the earliest members of Los Mustachos. Only 420 of these will be minted, so join the guild and claim yours while you can!

Where to Find Los Mustachos

In the Gotchiverse you can find Los Mustachos in District 18 of the Citaadel.

You can also find and join their community via Discord and Twitter.


More Guild Coverage

Stay tuned frens, because we’ll be covering more guilds very soon! If you’re a guild manager we may be reaching out to you. To request a feature yourself please contact Mia Bao or Big Flex.

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