Gotchiverse NFT Gaming Guilds: The Order of Portal Mages

Gotchiverse NFT Gaming Guilds: The Order of Portal Mages


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Donned with jet-black Armor, sharpened Axes, and bejeweled Helmets, it’s impossible to miss some of the Citaadel’s fiercest defenders in the Gotchiverse. We’re of course talking about The Order of Portal Mages. Let’s get to know the guild a bit better, and take a deep dive into their plans for the Gotchiverse!


Q. Can you give a brief introduction about your guild?

A. We are The Order of Portal Mages (TOPM), an NFT gaming guild and community!

Aavegotchi asset owners can post a “proof-of-mage” in our discord to earn ranks within The Order. Holders of the Portal Mage set are given the title of Lord, while other ranks include Wizards and Warlocks!

Obtaining these ranks will grant you access to private channels like the “Portal Room & Mages Lair” with fellow wearable holders. Everyone else is welcome to join our guild as a “fren” and hang out in the Tavern!

Players can also join The Mages College (our scholarship program) and earn roles such as Knight, Squire, Professor and Scout!

Q. How did you choose the name for your guild?

A. We named our guild after the legendary Portal Mage NFT wearable set in Aavegotchi!

Wearables are something that got us very interested in the game, so we wanted to embrace them and create an experience around it!

Q. Why did you decide to join the Aavegotchi ecosystem and what is your criteria when deciding to invest in or play a game?

A. We were invested in Aavegotchi for months before starting our guild. The active community and engaging team made us comfortable to start building here!

Q. How large is the guild right now? Are you actively expanding?

A. The guild discord has grown to nearly 2000 members over our first year!

In March, we opened the doors to our Mages College and began onboarding players to Aavegotchi. We are always expanding and have received 1.5k applications for our scholarship program!

Q. Which games are the biggest investment of the guild right now?

A. The Aavegotchi ecosystem is our main investment!

Q. As a guild, what is the most difficult thing you’ve ever encountered

A. We recruited and built a team of talented Alchemica collectors in the Gotchiverse before spillover was turned off. Without gameplay, our guild was forced to adapt and host events in other games to maintain the strong community we built!

Q. If you could describe Aavegotchi in three words, what would they be?


Q. What other games are you paying attention to lately?

A. We have a lot of skilled Axie players in our guild that are excited for a new turn based card game called “Rebel Bots”. This has caught our attention and we are preparing ourselves for the upcoming launch!

Q. What aspect or feature of the Gotchiverse are you most excited for?

A. Any aspect of gameplay, our players are ready to dominate the verse!  

Q. What are the guild’s goals for the Gotchiverse?

A. - Host epic guild channeling events in Mage Town!
- Protect the Great Portal from upcoming invasions!
- Continue building the strongest community in Aavegotchi!
- Develop competitive players and lead the future esport scene!

Q. Where do you see NFT Gaming in the next year?

A. We think NFT gaming is still in its infancy with lots of building in the years ahead!

Q. Where do you see the guild industry as a whole in the next year?

A. Play2earn gaming has been a great launchpad for guilds. Organizations that can leverage their community and create a brand will be successful!

Q. What qualities does your Guild look for in a scholar? Are there any requirements in terms of time and hardware that they must meet?

A. Loyalty is the most important thing to us. We host events on all devices so our players always have a chance to participate!

Q. How can scholars contact you about joining?

A. Join our discord and you will be welcomed into TOPM!

Find us on twitter! Portal Mages & The Mages College
Come hang out on Twitch!

Where to Find The Order of Portal Mages

In the Gotchiverse, you can find Mage Town West of the Great Portal in Districts one, two, and three of the Citaadel!

You can also find and join their community on social media via the links in the questions section.

More Guild Coverage

Stay tuned frens, because we’ll be covering more guilds very soon! If you’re a guild manager we may be reaching out to you. To request a feature yourself please contact Big Flex.

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