Gotchiverse NFT Gaming Guilds: YGG SEA

Gotchiverse NFT Gaming Guilds: YGG SEA


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The Gotchiverse has attracted both attention and investments from many well known NFT gaming guilds. It’s easy to see why, considering the Gotchiverse has plenty of features that will allow guilds and their scholars to perform optimally, while of course having a blast playing the game.

In an effort to learn more about the guilds that call the Gotchiverse home, we’ve compiled some questions for their founders/leaders. First on the list are our frens from YGG SEA.


Q. Could you please give a brief introduction about your guild and team?

A. YGG SEA is a subdao of YGG and, as the name suggests, we have a regional focus in South East Asia. The team is headquartered in Taiwan, but we have set up a local team in each (area) of the country to ensure nothing is lost in translation.

We localize content and customize our approach (for) local relatability, grass-roots approach and deeply rooted establishment.

Q. How did you decide to join the Aavegotchi ecosystem and what’s your criteria when deciding to invest in or play a game?

A. Being the first Sub-Dao of YGG we share some of the deal flows with them. YGG, being a big supporter of Aavegotchi, introduced the game to us.

Q. How large is the guild right now (scholar, manager, members)?

A. We have over 10,000 scholarships and 4 Country Managers.

Q. With heavy competition in the market, what commission proportion does the guild usually take?

A. We take a split that is varied depending on the earnings of the game, the cost of acquiring assets, and the difficulty of onboarding and maintaining the game.  Scholars receive up to 70% of all earnings in game and scholar managers receive up to 20% of the earnings. YGGSEA sometimes takes as little as 5%! We want the majority of the value and earnings to go back to our scholars.

Q. What’s the most difficult thing you’ve encountered as a guild?

A. Deploying assets while maintaining security on a large scale.

Q. What do you think of the Guild industry, especially with a lot of large guilds rising up like YGG? Do you believe there are still good opportunities?

A. Blockchain Gaming would be one of the most interesting ways to go

Q. If you could describe Aavegotchi in three words, what would they be?

A. Fun, engaging, and highly addictive.

Q. What other games is your guild paying attention to lately?

A. Games like Bigtime, Crypto Unicorns, Sipher, and Genopets.

Q. When would the guild decide to drop out of a game? Are there any criteria for that?

A. We're diamond hand holders! We support games through ups and downs. Every project will face difficulties, and we work closely with our game partners to overcome these by providing insight and feedback directly from our in-house experts and our scholar community! The only reasons we may drop a game is if there is indication of fraud, or if the project leadership is unwilling to work with us to fix issues or listen to our feedback!

Where to Find YGG SEA

In the Gotchiverse you can find YGG SEA’s Partner Parcel in District 39 of the Citaadel.

You can also find and join YGG SEA’s community a number of different ways, including:

Their Website:

More Guild Coverage

Stay tuned frens, because we’ll be covering more guilds very soon! If you’re a guild manager we will also be reaching out to you. To request a feature yourself please contact Mia Bao or Big Flex.

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