Aavegotchi March 2023 Update

Aavegotchi March 2023 Update


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March was another massive month for GotchiGang! Let's check out the shipping logs.

GHST Bonding Curve Closed

The GHST Bonding Curve is no moar! In a historic moment for the Aavegotchi Protocol, the AavegotchiDAO closed the Curve with an Aragon-based vote on ETH mainnet. A second vote to distribute the Curve's DAI was also passed and the ~30M ย DAI collateral backing the Curve has been distributed per the terms of AGIP 65. GHST is now a free floating token!

New Game Director Joins Pixelcraft Studios

Pixelcraft Studios is excited to welcome Jason Slama to the team as our new Game Director! Jason has a long and distinguished career in the gaming industry, having previously held positions at companies such as CD Projekt Red and Ubisoft. Learn more about Jason and his appointment to Game Director on our blog!

Aavegotchi on Magic Eden

Aavegotchi NFTs are now tradable on Magic Eden! Magic Eden is one of the largest NFT marketplaces in the world, featuring more than 22M monthly visitors. Thatโ€™s a whole lot of eyes on Aavegotchi! To celebrate, Aavegotchi and Magic Eden are hosting a trading competition with a 20,000 MATIC prize pool! See our blog for all the details.

Gotchichain Incoming

Gotchichain is coming this summer! We announced details on Gotchichain in March during the week of GDC 2023. The Aavegotchi Protocolโ€™s dedicated gaming blockchain is set to launch this summer and will be the perfect launching ground for Aavegotchi-themed games and dapps. More alpha on our blog.

Aavegotchi X Inverse Worlds

Veteran Web3 Gaming Studio Inverse Worlds announced that theyโ€™re ready to build on Gotchichain! You may know Inverse Worlds from the recent Polycon conference or the Game On virtual conference we did last year. Inverse Worlds shares our dream of making Gotchichain the virtual playground for Aavegotchis and weโ€™re excited to see what they will build! See our blog for more info.

Rarity Farming Season 5 Concludes

Rarity Farming Season 5 has come to an end! The final two rounds of season 5 happened in March with snapshot #3 taking place at block #40338030 and snapshot #4 taking place at block #40864665. In total 1.5M GHST was distributed to the winners of Rarity Farming Season 5!

GotchiGang at ETH Denver

GotchiGang was stronk at ETH Denver 2023! A DAO funded team, led by Pixelcraft Studioโ€™s Director of Physical Goods Lost Local, rocked out in Denver hosting the Gotchi Lodge 2023, participating in panels, interviewing attendees, giving out swag, and spreading the Gotchi Gospel far and wide!

Forge Schematics Raffle

The Forge Schematics Raffle started on March 10th at 10am EST and ended three days later on the 13th at 10am EST. 2,285 Schematics of varying rarities were up for grabs in this raffle. Once the raffle concluded, Chainlink VRF was called upon to determine the winners. If you missed out on the Raffle head to the Aavegotchi dapp Baazaar to browse Schematics.

Aavegotchi on DataDash

Aavegotchi was featured on DataDash! Host Nicholas Merten shared the alpha on the GHST bonding curve closure with his 500k+ subscribers. He called the bonding curve closure โ€œone of the biggest [ecosystem changes] that we have seen in practically any NFT project when it comes to its protocol token.โ€ Weโ€™d have to agree!

Two Core Proposals Passed

The AavegotchiDAO reached quorum on two important core proposals in March. The following AGIPs passed through the AavegotchiDAO during the month:

Aavegotchi Twitter Spaces

Every Wednesday at 9pm EST / 2am SGT we host a Twitter Spaces on the official Aavegotchi Twitter account! Marchโ€™s Spaces included:

DM the official Aavegotchi Twitter account if youโ€™re interested in joining one of our spaces, or simply tune in and raise your hand!

March was full of big shipping and major announcements for the Aavegotchi Protocol, and weโ€™ve got even moar on the way! Here's a sneak peak of April:

A Preview of April:

  • Aavegotchi Baazaar Updates
    • Auctions
    • Offers
    • Credit Cards
  • Much Moar!

Stay spooky frens,
Aavegotchi Team

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