Aavegotchi May Update

Aavegotchi May Update


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Based devs never stop shipping, delivering a ton of updates and features in May!

Gotchiverse Land Release

The much anticipated Gotchiverse Land Release is now live! Players can now access and spawn at any REALM parcels they own. Once on your parcel, you can craft an Aaltar, place Aaltars and Tiles, and Channel your Gotchi UBI. Enter the Gotchiverse now and get in on the action!

Gotchi UBI

Gotchi UBI is here! Players can now enter the Gotchiverse and channel their daily stipend of Gotchus Alchemica. Remember, the higher your Gotchi’s Kinship score, the more Alchemica they’ll be able to earn from channeling. Click here to learn more about the Gotchi UBI.

wapGHST Staking

Wrapped Aave Polygon GHST (wapGHST) is now live for staking! You can now deposit your GHST into Aave V3 to earn extra APY in addition to FRENS or GLTR. To get started head to the staking page, scroll to wapGHST, click “Wrap GHST,” and then stake the wapGHST to begin earning FRENS and the additional APY!

GLTR Spending/Staking

GLTR Staking and spending are live on Polygon! You can earn GLTR now by depositing your wapGHST or QuickSwap/SushiSwap LP tokens at https://app.aavegotchi.com/stake-gltr. Once you’ve got some GLTR, you can use it to speed up your upgrade time in the Gotchiverse! Click here to learn more about GLTR and its in-game utility.

Decorations Raffle Announced

A new type of NFT Raffle is coming to the Aavegotchi Protocol! Introducing Gotchiverse Decorations. The first ever Gotchiverse Decorations Raffle features six beautiful and unique decorative Installations that can be equipped to your Gotchiverse Land Parcel. The fun begins on June 9th at 2pm UTC. For all the details see our blog post.

Two CoreProps Passed

Two CoreProps reached quorum in May! AGIP 29 on 24h Windows for Alchemical Channeling and AGIP 30 on Scheduling Land Auction/Raffle #3 were both passed by the AavegotchiDAO. All voting wallets will receive 20XP for every Gotchi they hold. See our blog post for more details on the proposals.

GHST Listed on Huobi

GHST has been listed on Huobi Global! Deposits were first available on May 27th, with trading beginning on the 30th. Huobi Global is one of the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchanges, so this listing will help make GHST more accessible to millions of users. For all the details see Huobi’s PR.

GotchiGang Social Mode

GotchiGang social mode began on May 2nd and ended on May 18th. During this time, players entered the Gotchiverse to chat with their frens in either District Chat or Citaadel Chat. Social Mode also featured Alchemica events during the Saturday GotchiGang hangouts with huge Alchemica drops! To learn more about Social Mode read our blog.

LE Golden Tiles Available in the Baazaar

LE Golden Tiles are now available in the Aavegotchi Baazaar. Each tile will become available in the Baazaar after its minting window has closed. If you own an LE Golden Tile you can list it for sale from the items page. Click here to browse LE Golden Tile - Gotchiverse in the Aavegotchi Baazaar!

Gotchiverse Land Giveaway

To celebrate the Gotchiverse Land release on May 18th, we gave away three Gotchiverse REALM Parcels! The giveaway included two Humble Parcels and 1 Reasonable Parcel. Follow us on Twitter for all Aavegotchi updates, and to stay aware of any future giveaways.

Pixelcraft Studios Dev Highlights

Parcel Channel Time Upgrade

Our dev team has been shipping 24/7, making sure the Gotchiverse is as user frenly and bug-free as possible. One major upgrade is the ability to see when your land parcels will be available for channeling.

Equipping/Upgrading Update

Previously, transactions for equipping and upgrading Installations could cost up to 1 MATIC and often fail. We’re happy to report that a recent contract upgrade has fixed this behavior. With this upgrade, Installations will no longer auto-finalize when they are completed. You will need to manually finalize them with the “Finalize” button.

GensoKishi AMA

We hosted an AMA for our frens from GensoKishi in the Aavegotchi Discord server. 600+ listeners joined us in the Aampitheatre for the AMA and an additional 2,000+ were in the Gotchiverse for a special Alchemica event at the same time. Click here to listen to a recording of the AMA on GotchiGang fren NoFuturistic’s YouTube Channel.

May was another month full of endless shipping, and we're not slowing down in June!

A Preview of June:

  • Decorations Raffle #1
  • GotchiGang at NFT NYC
  • Continuous Gotchiverse Updates
  • Much Moar

Stay spooky frens,

Aavegotchi Team

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