Aavegotchi 2022 Year in Review

Aavegotchi 2022 Year in Review


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2022 was full of milestones, good times, and new features here on the Aavegotchi Protocol. As the year comes to an end, let’s take a look back at all we’ve accomplished and shipped over the last 12 months!


Gotchiverse Game Bible Released

The Gotchiverse Game Bible, the living breathing design doc of The Gotchiverse, released at the beginning of the year! The Gotchiverse Bible answers key questions related to every aspect of the game and is rolling out in Chapters, enabling AavegotchiDAO to have a direct impact on all key aspects of game design. So far four chapters have been published! You can check them out on our special Gotchiverse Game Bible section, right here on The Curve.

DeFi RPG Wearables Raffle

DeFi RPG Wearables Raffle #6 kicked off in late January! The Aavegotchi DeFi RPG Raffle introduced 7 completely new sets, with each set having three, four, or even five unique wearables included, for a grand total of 24 new items that range across all rarity levels. No luck during the Raffle? No sweat, fren! You can find the Wearables in the Aavegotchi Baazaar!


GHST Listed on Aave

GHST went live on Aave’s Polygon Market making Aavegotchi the first NFT protocol to have an eco-governance token listed on a major defi protocol.

This was a historic listing not only for Aavegotchi but also for Aave, marking the first time that Aave’s cross-chain governance has been fully utilized. This first class of Polygon Market listings included GHST alongside CRV, BAL, LINK, DPI, and SUSHI. Read all the details on this major achievement here.

Rarity Farming Season 3

The third season of our original play-to-earn mechanism kicked off in February 2022. Season three featured 1.5M GHST (~$3M USD at the time) in rewards to the top Aavegotchis across the categories of Rarity, Kinship, and XP. Congratulations to the winners and thank you to everyone who participated!


Gotchiverse Cinematic Trailer Released

The Official Gotchiverse Trailer: “Invasion of the Lickquidators” was revealed in March! The cinematic trailer had GotchiGang frens buzzing, and was spread far and wide across social media. It featured some scenic views, the Tree of Fud, and massive Lickquidators. The trailer was first revealed by The Defiant, who also broke the news of the Gotchiverse’s March 31st launch date.

Gotchi Lending Goes Live

Aavegotchi’s 100% on-chain sharing economy went live in March! Aavegotchi owners can lend their spooky frens out to others seamlessly with the Gotchi Lending Program. Anyone without a Gotchi can now borrow one and get in the game at https://app.aavegotchi.com/lending. Get all the alpha on Gotchi Lending here.

Gotchiverse Alpha Launch Playdrop

The much anticipated Gotchiverse Alpha went live on March 31st! The Alpha launch introduced the four elements of the Gotchiverse, ERC-20 tokens collectively known as Gotchus Alchemica. During this time, players were able to enter the Gotchiverse and collect the Alchemica playdrop. Alchemica spawned on the map every minute and players attempted to collect as much as they could. Some frens even used their Alchemica to craft the LE Golden Aaltar Installation!


LE Golden Tiles

LE Golden Tiles found in District 1

LE Golden Tiles launched in the Gotchiverse in April! They were the very first purely aesthetic NFTs to become available for crafting in the Gotchiverse. Each Tile pictured above was available for separate two week periods. They are no longer available to craft, but you can still buy them in the Aavegotchi Baazaar.


GotchiGang Social Mode

GotchiGang social mode took place at the beginning of May. During this time, players entered the Gotchiverse to chat with their frens in either District Chat or Citaadel Chat. Social Mode also featured Alchemica events during the Saturday GotchiGang hangouts with huge Alchemica drops. The text chat features introduced in Social Mode are still live in the Gotchiverse today!

Gotchiverse Land Release

The Gotchiverse Land Release went live in May allowing players to visit their own parcels! This release gave access and spawning at owned REALM Parcels, crafting an Aaltar, placing Aaltars and Tiles, and Channeling their Gotchi UBI. Enter the Gotchiverse now and get in on the action!

GLTR Spending/Staking

GLTR Staking and spending went live on Polygon in May! You can earn GLTR now by depositing your wapGHST or QuickSwap/SushiSwap LP tokens at https://app.aavegotchi.com/stake-gltr. Once you’ve got some GLTR, you can use it to speed up your upgrade time in the Gotchiverse! Get all the alpha on GLTR and its in-game utility here.

Binance Enables GHST Withdrawals on Polygon

The Aavegotchi Protocol became more accessible than evar in June when our frens at Binance enabled GHST deposits and withdrawals directly on Polygon. This means users no longer have to bridge GHST purchased on Binance to engage in the Aavegotchi ecosystem. For more information on this major upgrade see our blog post.


GotchiGang at NFT NYC

Aavegotchi had a stronk presence at NFT NYC! Lead-Summoner gldnXross appeared on a number of panels throughout the week, and the team hosted an exclusive rooftop party for GotchiGang frens. Overall, lots of networking, learning, and fun took place in the big apple. We’re looking forward to moar GotchiGang IRL events in 2023!


Gotchiverse Farming Release

An ebic Gotchiverse Farming operation found in District 7

The Gotchiverse Farming release was among the most anticipated releases of the year! Players gained the ability to survey their parcels and craft and equip Haarvesters, Reservoirs, and Maaker Bots to optimize their farming operations. The launch of farming was celebrated by hundreds of members in the Aavegotchi Discord server with an XP event/party.

Rarity Farming Season 4

Rarity Farming Season four kicked off in July! Season four rewarded a total of 1.5M GHST to the top 7,500 Aavegotchis across the categories of Rarity, Kinship, and XP. Remember frens, take care of your Gotchis and they’ll take care of you!


20M Blockday

The oldest, most OG, Aavegotchis celebrated their 20 millionth blockday in August. That’s yet another amazing milestone down for the GotchiGang! Here’s to 20 million moar!

FAKE Gotchis Surprise Reveal

FAKE Gotchis: a Frenly Art Karmic Experiment built on the Aavegotchi protocol was introduced in August! With FAKE Gotchis we’ve unleashed the memetic power of Aavegotchis, along with the help of Aavegotchi lovers and crypto artists alike. Visit fakegotchis.com and get in on the hottest cryptoart collection of the year!


FRENS Sunset

AavegotchiDAO has spoken and FRENS were officially sunset in September in favor of GLTR staking. If you’re still staking for FRENS, click here to switch over to GLTR staking ASAP. Additionally, the GHST-MATIC LP pair is no longer earning GLTR so be sure to switch to another LP pair.

Mosaic Tiles Art Contest

The Mosaic Tiles Art Contest Winning entry by Oliver Spoon aka notorious_BTC

The Gotchiverse Mosaic Tiles Art Contest saw many participants enter their amazing creations for a chance at 10,000 GHST in prizes. GotchiGang had a blast checking out all the designs and it was aawesome to see just how creative our community can get! Click here to check out the results and visit the #mosaic-contest-entries channel in the Aavegotchi Discord server to see all the EBIC designs.


FAKE Gotchis Collection Launches


The FAKE Gotchis collection officially launched in October. The first Summoning Works passed the queue and were officially minted to the FAKE Gotchis collection as ERC721s. The Frenly Art Karmic Experiment is now live for everyone to enjoy, click here to explore the site and visit our special FAKE Gotchis section of The Curve to learn moar!

Gotchiverse Art Release

An Observooor visits the Music City GotchiGang Art Gallery via Bounce Gate

The Gotchissance is in full swing! The Gotchiverse Art Release featuring NFT Displays, Observooor Mode, and Bounce Gates went live in October and took the Gotchiverse experience to a whole new level. The Art Release allows players to flex their NFTs, create and host easily accessible in-game events, and enter the Gotchiverse without owning or borrowing an Aavegotchi. Learn moar about this ebic release here.

Gotchiverse Halloween Contest

The Gotchiverse Halloween Party featured an ebic parcel decorating contest and a massive 10k GHST prize pool! Six ebic Halloween themed decorations set the vibes and an awesome Paampkin smashing PVE experience made this Halloween GotchiGang’s best yet! Click here for more info on the contest and check out the #halloween-contest channel in Discord to see all the entries!


FAKE Gotchis Card Raffle & Airdrop

In order to mint a FAKE Gotchis NFT to the official collection, you’ve got to have a FAKE Gotchis Card. Only 2,535 of these ERC-1155 cards ever existed. The FAKE Gotchis Card Raffle in November distributed 1,500 FAKE Gotchis Cards to entrants of the Raffle. 1,000 additional cards were airdropped to holders of Aavegotchis ranking in the top 334 by BRS, 333 by Kinship, and 333 by XP at the time of the final snapshot for Rarity Farming SZN 4. The final 35 cards are in the hands of Pixelcraft Studios for official partnerships. If you don’t have a FAKE Gotchis Card you can buy them now on the Aavegotchi Baazaar!

Gotchiverse Tooorkey Chaase 2022


Gotchiverse Tooorkey Chase 2022 was ebic! Hundreds of GotchiGang members entered the Gotchiverse and chased down GobbleGang. Everyone who landed a hit on the Tooorkeys during the chaase has been airdropped a special, non-transferrable baadge.


GHST Listed on Coinbase

GHST has officially been listed on Coinbase, one of the largest crypto exchanges in the world! You can now deposit and withdraw GHST on Coinbase via Ethereum mainnet. Please be careful not to deposit funds from Polygon onto Coinbase!

Gotchiverse Aarena Preview


The Gotchiverse Aarena Preview went live from December 16th-19th. GotchiGang entered the Aarena and received their first taste of Gotchi v. Gotchi PVP combat! Alchemica rained onto the surface of the map as valiant fighters went toe to toe. We can’t wait to get the public Aarena Release out in 2023!

New Year, Same Ship

New Year's resolutions are great for some, but do you really need one if you had an ebic year full of meeting goals and pioneering innovation? We’re planning to keep on shipping hard and make 2023 the Aavegotchi Protocol’s biggest year yet!

Here’s a look ahead at what you can expect from the Aavegotchi team in the new year:

  • The Great Battle
  • Baazaar Buy Orders/Offers
  • Aarena Tipping
  • Aarcade Task Force Creation
  • Much, Much Moar!

Happy New Year frens,

The Aavegotchi Team

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